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Acoustic Paneling

We are experts in the design and installation of acoustic treatments.

Available in a large selection of fabrics and colors and offered with optional LED back lighting and custom framing, our custom panels come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Regardless of what you chose they will all provide you with the optimal sound quality you demand from your home theater while also adding a beautiful design element.

Sound Isolation

Total Home offers the most cutting edge and up to date sound isolation services in the business.

Whether you are building a home theater or simply want your Manhattan, NY area home to be quieter from room to room or the outside, Total Home has the right mix of products and innovative techniques to solve all of your sound needs.

Our Approach
Every sound isolation job we come across requires a unique and custom approach. From the walls to the floors and HVAC ducts, we have the products and expertise needed to keep sound in its place. All of our products are STC rated to reduce sound transmissions.

Building Your Dream Home?
Are you building a home on a main road, close to a highway, or designing a media room? Let us work with your architects, builders and designers to maximize the acoustics in your new home.

Noisy Neighbors
Are you sharing a wall with a neighbor? Are the parties next door keeping you up at night? We've got the services to make your living situation a more pleasant one. Set up an appointment today and one of our trained acoustical consultants will find the solution.

Sound Masking

Workplace distractions can be devastating to overall performance.

Sometimes referred to as "white noise", Sound masking can improve productivity and privacy in the office using a series of speakers and special sound generating units.

Our Systems
Our sound masking systems use a series of speakers to produce an unobtrusive background sound. This sound, sometimes referred to as “white noise”, is almost unnoticeable but covers up speech and other distractions to improve overall privacy and productivity in the workplace.

Privacy is a major concern in an office environment. By adding a layer of sound masking, conversations from neighboring offices or conference rooms are no longer intelligible. Sound masking makes private conversations confidential.

Employees are losing time every day to conversational distractions. Contrary to popular belief, a silent workplace is not cohesive to productivity. Keeping workers focused on their tasks and responsibilities is key to maintaining a successful work environment. In a 2008 study, speech was found to be the most distracting noise in the workplace. In both private offices and open offices, occupants were dissatisfied with acoustics. Distractions had the largest impact on comprehending text and thinking creatively.

No one wants to work in a space that’s uncomfortable. Employees shouldn’t be worried about distracting others while they are performing essential tasks such as typing on a keyboard or making phone calls to clients.