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Catch Your Television in the Stream!

Streaming TV is changing the game for watchers, producers and providers. A monumental shift is occurring in the industry that is putting the power under the control of different players on both sides of the screen. We want to be able to watch programming from any source on any screen we are in front of, is that too much to ask? Apparently these wants are falling on the right ears because it seems like media and content delivery of all kind is progressing in that direction. For the last ten years or so music and video has been getting easy to access with every device and service that presents itself.

Of course it all comes down to customer demand. If there are shows we like and want to watch then viewers will pursue the show wherever it is being hosted. It really does not matter what never network or channel or download service something is provided through for most people. They just want to watch and laugh or cry along with their favorite performers and be thrilled by amazing visuals. It is pretty simple really. Let us stream content how we like and everyone wins!