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Breaking the Old Content Molds

Traditionally, broadcast networks with peacock logos and recognizable jingles are at the beginning of the line. Historically, that's where many of our favorite shows and stars got a start. When cable came along it disturbed that equilibrium. Now there are even more content providers than ever before due to the many ways people get purchase or subscribe to content. Shows are getting financed and distributed straight to consumers outside the confines of the old media circuit. Whether people tune in to watch is another story but in the meantime we are going to look at the new shows that are coming down the stream.

Amazon is stepping up to the plate with a new show called Betas, a project that almost mirrors founder Jeff Bezos early efforts to get the company off the ground as a new start-up. Getting into content production clearly means the company is working to expand its streaming network Amazon Prime on some level. Clearly they believe it is worth sticking with and have committed money towards pilots. The show is slated to include environmentalist and actor Ed Begley, Jr. possibly as a venture capitalist. There are millions of people tapped into the Prime network so perhaps this is a positive first stem into the content creation field. They have a built in audience already plus a huge buyer base that are potential watch. Amazon Prime subscriptions cost around $79.99 dollars a year.

Not to be left behind, DirecTV is entering the content production market too. DirecTV specials can be found on websites such as content provider network has recently inked a deal with Neil LaBute that will bring a new program exclusively to their subscribers. The show is planned to be titled Full Circle. It will begin filming and production within the city of Los Angeles later this year.