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What is Life Like with Home Automation?

The Benefits You Can Expect from Intelligent Technology

There are many reasons to invest in home automation, but perhaps the best one is how it will impact your daily life. By placing your technologies under one control system, you will find yourself in a more efficient and convenient environment that intuits your…

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Bang & Olufsen

Total Home is proud to now be selling Bang and Olufsen (B&O to most of us) a company that knows a thing or two about building beautiful products with a focus on great design.  Check out this article on their new artistic wall speaker system



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Interesting Phone Call

I got a call from a mid 20's man last Satureday, lets call him Bob.  Bob wanted 5.1 and subwoofer speaker system and a surround sound receiver to go with it.  His budget was about $2000 and he wanted it right away,  and yes he was calling around.  Bob had even picked…

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CE Pro Summit

I was fortunate to attend the CE PRO Summit in Atlanta, Georgia this year.  It is invite only for the top 100 home autiomation companies in the nation.  Much to my surprise as I am checking into the hotel I am handed a personal schedule that spans 3 days, starting from 8 AM to 10:59 PM.  Needless to say I was kept extremely busy and it was run very well.  There were some…

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Total Home Technologies & Control 4

Keith, I just wanted to say how pleased my wife and I are on the installation of the Control 4 audio in our home. My wife was skeptical because she gets frustrated with me when I've tried to "automate" our home theater experience. The Control 4 remote is absolutely hands down the best out there. She now can watch and listen to anything throughout the house. She is amazed…
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Catch Your Television in the Stream!

Streaming TV is changing the game for watchers, producers and providers. A monumental shift is occurring in the industry that is putting the power under the control of different players on both sides of the screen. We want to be able to watch programming from any source on any screen we are in front of, is that too much to ask? Apparently these wants are falling on the right ears because…

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Breaking the Old Content Molds

Traditionally, broadcast networks with peacock logos and recognizable jingles are at the beginning of the line. Historically, that's where many of our favorite shows and stars got a start. When cable came along it disturbed that equilibrium. Now there are even more content providers than ever before due to the many ways people get purchase or subscribe to content. Shows are getting…

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Control4 My Home for iPad

This video is a quick fly by of the new Control4 My Home App for iPad. For more information, visit

Control4 is the platform for todays digital home and is the first company to make whole-home automation a practical option for any residence. The company makes everyday life easier by providing one-touch control of both new and existing electronic systems in the…

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ihiji Article

I was quoted in Residential Systems magazine. Check it at this link.

Here's a preview of the article:

Ihiji Offers Compatibility with Control4

Ihiji has begun offering compatibility with Control4 home automation systems and ZigBee devices, enabling dealers to approach new or…

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Control4 CES 2011 Stage Demo

Check out our presenter Paul talk about Control4 during his live stage demo and presentation of the Control4 home automation system, and talk about our growing partner ecosystem.

It's a new year, and a new opportunity to introduce home control to more people around the globe. We hit the show floor running with excited chatter about which leading CE companies announced new Control4-certi…

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