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Design-Build Process

As a design-build technology integrator we implement five phases through the course of a project from concept to completion. Careful thought and attention is given during each step to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs and delivers the benefits you desire. We are committed to making the entire experience from start to finish as effective and efficient as possible.

We are responsible for all phases of the AV and integrated technology work including the needs assessment, system design, engineering, installation, commissioning, training and service. During the design-build process it is very important to ensure the needs analysis (also called the "discovery") has been performed otherwise the system design and project contract will be too vague.



Discovery Process:

The project always begins with a discovery process, where we listen to our client's needs and desires. Your project begins with a visit to one of our many showrooms to learn about the latest and greatest in Home Technology. The purpose of this is to get you all of the information you need to make the right decision for your project. 


Location Walkthrough:

This is the time when we walk though your location, either physically or on a set of plans or blueprints, to decide which of the parts of your home you choose to control/automate. We'll choose tv/speaker locations, detail lighting locations, pick a centralized location for the equipment and any other aspect of your particular project.



Once we've gathered all the information we need during the walkthrough, we can then begin to design your system and develop a scope of work which will enable us to create the estimate. We will then meet with you to review, in great detail, all of the line-item costs. This process in invaluable to our customers understanding of exactly what is being purchased. We'll never give you a "paragraph and a price". You deserve better.


Implementation Process:

Once rough and trim phase engineering documentation is complete, we are ready to install the infrastructure such as conduit, low voltage wiring and enclosure. We purchase all AV equipment and assemble as appropriate in our office or at the job site. Our job is complete only when the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product. The length of time for this phase is dependent upon the time frame of construction. Once system installation is complete, all engineering documentation is updated to an as-built state.


Service & Support:

Your system will need many soft/firmware updates, periodic services and, of course, you'll probably want to add/change things along the way. We provide a full suite of maintenance programs to insure that your system provides you comfort and security for years to come.