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How Audio Video Upgrades Revolutionize Your Home

Learn How to Choose Smart Solutions That Are Right for You

How Audio Video Upgrades Revolutionize Your Home

Whether you are getting ready to experience a binge-worthy TV show, your favorite action film, or a new album, expanding AV throughout your home might seem like a difficult undertaking. Creating quality audio video distribution in each room in your home is important so that you can experience the best your media has to offer.

So how can you view your movies and hear your music the way they’re meant to be?  That’s where whole home audio video comes into play.  Integrated audio video in your New Jersey home will transform how you enjoy your entertainment!

But what is whole home AV exactly and how do you know which solution is best for you?  In this blog, we’ll take you through what this innovative smart concept is and how it can benefit you and your entire home.

Read on below to find out more!

Music and Tunes in Every Room

Imagine pushing a button and immediately you’re able to jam out to your new Spotify playlist.  Not only is any song accessible to you through your virtually endless music library, but the song can follow you into any room you enter throughout your day.

That’s what distributed audio allows you to do – have the ability to turn on any tune you want and keep it on from upstairs to the kitchen and all the way to the basement, without missing a single lyric or beat.

Your system is completely customizable, so you can set your integrated audio system to fit your daily lifestyle. Start your day the right way by setting your alarm clock as an upbeat song you love. Your wake-up song will continue to play as you get ready for the day in the bathroom and get dressed.  Want to switch to a more mellow song?  Pick up your smart device and easily peruse through your music library.

The music will follow you down to the kitchen and even outside on the patio – you’ll never miss a second of your songs.

If you have high-end speakers installed in any room in your home, your system will be able to integrate them together. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers make it easy to maintain a room’s existing design and style without hindering the function of your audio. 

Controlling your audio, switching songs, and adjusting volume is a breeze using your smart device, whether it’s your phone, touch screen, tablet or even products like the Amazon Echo. Go from listening to a rock album, to playing an audiobook, to relaxing outside with ambient sounds such as a waterfall or ocean waves.  The choice is always up to you with integrated audio.

Your Movies and Shows Throughout Your Space

Just as whole home audio allows your music to flow to any room, integrated video lets you watch your films and TV shows in any space you have a screen or projector.  You can use your system in your dedicated home theater or your multi-purpose media room, but you also never need to feel limited to those spaces for your viewing.

Watch a show in the living room and then pause it and pick back up right where you left off upstairs in the bedroom.  Invite friends over for a cookout and play the big game for everyone to enjoy.  As the sun begins to set, you can pause and wait to play until everyone has made their way back inside. Kids can enjoy their own show in their rooms or in the basement, while everyone else watching a movie in another room entirely. While all streaming services are super convenient, to experience the highest quality audio and video, nothing beats a locally hosted media server.

Managing your distributed video is beyond simple – one smart device controls the entire system, much like how your distributed audio works.  This makes it easy for everyone in the family to use it and lets your friends visiting never feel intimidated by your impressive AV system. Your viewing and listening areas should be free of cable boxes, BluRay players and any other external devices leaving only the TV in view. Doing this leaves you a blank canvas to decorate! Integrating audio and video throughout your home will change how you enjoy your media and how you entertain your friends and family.

Want to learn even more about whole home audio video?  We’ve got you covered.  Give us a call or fill out our online form to see the benefits of this exceptional smart solution.

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