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Want to keep an eye on your Monmouth County, NJ, home and ensure your family is safe? A home security system from Total Home can help. Find out more in our latest post.

Your Guide to Smart Home Security Systems

Don’t Overlook These Advances in Security Technology

Your Guide to Smart Home Security Systems

Are you a parent who wants to better protect your children and family from harm? Or someone who travels frequently and wants to keep tabs on your home when you’re away? Even if you are neither of the above and just want to ensure your Monmouth County home is secure, you should invest in a home security system with up-to-date technology that is tailored to your needs. Today’s top home security features are more sophisticated than ever, yet easy to use.

This blog will walk you through what you can incorporate into your New Jersey home’s home security system.

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How Effective Is a Home Security System?

One Stand-Alone Device Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why You Need A Layered System for Protection

How Effective Is a Home Security System?

According to a study on the habits of burglars by UNC Charlotte, 83% of burglars admitted that they specifically look to see if a house is armed with alarms. 60% said they would change their minds if there were one installed.

That may sound like enough to convince anyone, but many still wonder if a home security system helps homeowners. Certainly, a system that is not efficiently built and leaves behind blind spots will be vulnerable. But a layered system with multiple levels of protection will make it nearly impossible for your house to be targeted, or for disasters to go too far. Read on to see how your Monmouth County, NJ home could gain from a new safety system.

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