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Articles tagged with: Whole Home Audio

Trends to Bring to Your Multi-Room Audio System this Year

Listen to Your Music in New Ways in 2019

Trends to Bring to Your Multi-Room Audio System this Year

You already know that a multi-room audio system allows you to hear your favorite songs and albums in any room of your Essex County, NJ home. But with the new year upon us, now is the best time to bring new audio trends to your whole home audio system.


In this blog we will show you how to easily entertain friends and family with new features and learn about new ways to enjoy your tunes throughout your property. Read more about these upgrades below!


TAGS: Multi-Room Music | Whole Home Audio

What is Life Like with Home Automation?

The Benefits You Can Expect from Intelligent Technology

What is Life Like with Home Automation?

There are many reasons to invest in home automation, but perhaps the best one is how it will impact your daily life. By placing your technologies under one control system, you will find yourself in a more efficient and convenient environment that intuits your needs. But how specifically will automation affect your interactions with your Essex County, NJ home? In this article, we’re highlighting three benefits you can expect once you’ve installed your smart home system. Continue reading to learn more

TAGS: Lighting Control | Motorized shades | Whole Home Audio