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Get more out of your home theater design when you integrate the latest technology features in your New York, NY home. Find out more here.

Get Started on Your Top-Tier Home Theater Design

Our Guide for Bringing Your Ideal Cinema to Life

Get Started on Your Top-Tier Home Theater Design

Designing a home theater is a thrilling venture that promises to bring the magic of cinema into the comfort of your own home! When starting out on this journey, several key questions arise, including:

  • How do you determine the sizing for your home theater? 
  • Can you tackle the installation as a DIY project—is it within your skill level and budget? 
  • What are the latest trends in home theater technology that you should consider incorporating into your setup? 

Keep reading as we dive into these questions to help you create an exceptional home theater design and experience in your New York, NY, home!

How to Optimize Sound Quality in Your Home Theater

The Home Theater Design Secrets Behind Crystal Clear, Immersive Sound

How to Optimize Sound Quality in Your Home Theater

You can transform any space into an immersive cinema with the right home theater design and equipment. While a lot of focus may go to the projector or TV, in this article, we want to focus on the most crucial part of your theater: sound. Visuals are undeniably important, but the sound makes you lean in and engage with your favorite movies, TV shows, and video games. 

It’s that creak in the hallway or the whisper in your ear that gives you goosebumps and truly lets you escape reality. So how can you get truly immersive, detail-rich sound in your New York, NY, home that exceeds that of a commercial movie theater? We offer our top tips below for how to build the theater of your dreams.

Behind the Curtain of Your Next Home Theater

Meet the Supporting Cast of Award-Winning Home Theater Design

Behind the Curtain of Your Next Home Theater

A well-designed home theater is a lot like a good movie; there is plenty of action behind the scenes and beyond the starring roles!  

At Total Home Technologies, we have been innovating home theater design for over 30 years and offering best-in-class technologies to our clients in New York, NY. 

From the largest screens to the tiniest in-ceiling light fixtures, we understand every element in a home theater plays a critical role in creating the ultimate cinematic experience.

Here are some of the brands and design secrets that turn any room in your home into serious competition for even the best commercial theaters. 

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Why You Should Work With A Professional On Your Home Theater Design

Get the most out of your home entertainment experience with a professionally installed system

Why You Should Work With A Professional On Your Home Theater Design

Home theaters are becoming a popular addition to luxury homes, and with good reason. As more content is available for streaming and blockbusters are being released on demand, the appeal of a cinematic viewing experience in the comfort of your home is undeniable. But before you go to the big-box technology store and buy the equipment for a DIY installation, you should consider working with a home theater installation expert to create the home cinema of your dreams. Read on to learn why it is essential to work with a professional on your home theater design in New York, NY.

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‘Smart’ Home Theaters Are Easier to Enjoy Anytime

Approach Your Home Theater Design as a System, Not Separate Parts

‘Smart’ Home Theaters Are Easier to Enjoy Anytime

The reason some folks let dust collect in their home theaters isn’t that they don’t love the room. It’s that their home theater wasn’t designed as an easy-to-use system. When you’re in the mood for a movie, it can be a hassle to turn on the projector, figure out how to connect to cable or streaming, then adjust the volume, lights, and room temperature.

That can take a lot of preparation. And when you’re feeling lazy, you might rather turn on the living room TV or pull up Netflix on the laptop (the horror!).

But with a system-based home theater, you’ll activate the entire room with one tap of a button or voice command. Below, we explain why it’s important to focus on the system rather than the individual parts of your home theater design. Read on to learn more for your New York, NY home.

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Home Theaters Are More Than a Screen with Speakers

The Thoughts & Details That Go into a Home Theater Design

Home Theaters Are More Than a Screen with Speakers

Many people hang any old projector, connect a couple of speakers, and call the room a home theater. That may work for them, but much more goes into animmersive, high-end theater than that. The care and attention applied toluxury homecinemas create an experience that outshines a nighat aRegal or AMC. 

As a home theater installer based in New York, NY,we’ve worked on spaces large and small, modern and retro. When it comes to the best theaters, they all have the same thing in common: attention to detail.So, if you’re interested in building an entertainment haven, don’t miss these essential features of home theater design

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What Will Your Home Theater Look Like?

Home theater design advancements blend style and technology.

What Will Your Home Theater Look Like?

It's 2020, and the lines between interior design and smart technology are starting to blur, and your home can benefit in a big way. If you are a homeowner who loves design in New York, NY, but you don't want technology cluttering your space, you need an integrated technology system. At Total Home, we simplify adding technology to your property, whether it's for security, entertainment, or fun. In this blog, we'll highlight some smart home theater design elements that'll satisfy your family and your aesthetics. Keep reading for more.

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