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Are you working from home in Manhattan, NY? If so, it’s crucial to ensure your home Wi-Fi is up to date. Learn more from Total Home Technologies.

The Difference a Home Wi-Fi Upgrade Makes

Experience a Fast and Reliable Home Network No Matter Where You Roam

The Difference a Home Wi-Fi Upgrade Makes

Smart home automation can transform your everyday living, bringing enhanced beauty, entertainment, and an almost undefinable ease of living. But your automated system is nothing without the element that connects it all, creating a seamless experience that enables your smart home to respond to your needs before you even know what they are. 

And that element is your home Wi-Fi 

Thanks to advancements in this technology, today’s Wi-Fi provides a robust home network—corner-to-corner fast and reliable coverage, including your great outdoors. 

Let’s explore this all-important aspect of smart home living and what it offers your home in Manhattan, NY.

Improve Performance When You Upgrade Your Home Network to Wi-Fi 6

Searching for Faster Network Speeds? Wi-Fi 6 Could be the Solution.

Improve Performance When You Upgrade Your Home Network to Wi-Fi 6

If you've noticed slower streaming speeds when watching your favorite shows or find your voice commands operating with a delayed response, then it’s time to consider upgrading your home Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless iteration that’s available on the market today. Initially introduced in 2018, it has taken some time to popularize. Now that it's widely compatible with today's routers, smart home devices, and more, it’s time to reassess your current home Wi-Fi setup and determine if it’s time to upgrade.

There are many benefits to Wi-Fi 6, the most impressive being its ability to handle significantly more connected devices simultaneously. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and how upgrading your network could improve device performance in your Manhattan, NY, residence.

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Mesh Networks Are Not the Solution for Home Wi-Fi

Fed Up with Your Internet? A Mesh Network Won’t Help. Here’s What Will.

Mesh Networks Are Not the Solution for Home Wi-Fi

“Mesh” has become a trendy, marketable word in the world of Wi-Fi. You’ve probably seen commercials or ads promoting “mesh networks” that keep your whole home connected over speedy internet. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: mesh Wi-Fi is not the best way to eliminate dead zones. In fact, it could make your home Wi-Fi perform even worse.

If you’re looking for a way to spread strong internet signals across your Manhattan, NY home, mesh is not the solution. Below, we’ll share what mesh really means, its downfalls, and an alternative fix that will provide far better coverage.  

Why Is My Wi-Fi Slow & Unreliable?

Let’s Upgrade Your Manhattan Home’s Wi-Fi

Why Is My Wi-Fi Slow & Unreliable?

Stalled Zoom meetings, never-ending loading screens, and files that won’t download—are you sick of troublesome Wi-Fi?

If you’re experiencing slow or fickle home Wi-Fi in Manhattan, NY, you’re not alone. Total Home Technologies helps homeowners across New York and New Jersey to improve their internet coverage. We’ve seen our fair share of problematic home networks. Read on to see what the issue could be and how we can save your internet connection.   

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