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Enjoy speedy and reliable internet in every corner of your home with a new network installation. Learn more in our technology blog series here!

The Power of a Professional Network Installation

Create the Robust Foundation for Your Smart Home

The Power of a Professional Network Installation

Your smart devices seamlessly communicate with one another to enhance convenience and efficiency across your living spaces, and the backbone of this interconnected ecosystem is a robust and well-designed smart home network. Investing in a professional network installation can help ensure optimal performance, security, and future scalability for your whole smart home.

Want to learn more about how a proper network installation can benefit your Manhattan, NY, smart home? Keep reading below!

How Can a Professional Network Installation Benefit Your Smart Home?

Make the Most of Your Smart Home Setup with Robust Networking Solutions

How Can a Professional Network Installation Benefit Your Smart Home?

There’s nothing more infuriating than when your smart home doesn’t meet your needs due to a weak internet connection. But when your network is robust and reliable, you can rest assured that your Morris County, NJ, smart home will run smoothly!

A professional network installation is the backbone of a functional and reliable smart home. It ensures that your smart devices operate effortlessly, securely, and efficiently—providing you with the convenience and benefits that a smart home promises. In this blog, we’ll explore exactly how.

The Power of a Network Installation

Trust Total Home Technologies with Installing the Network in Your Smart Home

The Power of a Network Installation

Are you looking to include all the latest technologies in your smart home in Manhattan, NY? If so, you should take a hard look into a professional network installation or risk ending up with a poorly connected and underperforming home. If that sounds like a lot of work, you have nothing to worry about. Our team of expert technology integrators at Total Home Technologies is here to help!

To learn more about what we can do, let’s explore how a professionally installed network elevates the performance of smart devices in any luxury home.

Want to Have the Latest Home Network Technologies?

Learn How You Can Enjoy Lightning-Fast Speeds and Superior Connections by Leasing Network Equipment

Want to Have the Latest Home Network Technologies?

A quality home network and Wi-Fi connection are important, especially if you have a large family or are looking to automate aspects of your living environment. However, keeping track of the newest network solutions coming out every couple of years can be challenging and even more difficult to install. 

If you want a high-speed internet connection that can handle multiple devices and provide superior performance, we have network options that are a great fit for your home in Ocean County, NJ. Network and Wi-Fi leasing is a smarter and more cost-effective network installation option! 

At Total Home Technologies, we offer network solutions that power all the devices you need to get through the day, whether working from home or relaxing and looking for a movie on your favorite streaming platform. Discover more in our latest blog below!

Why You Need a Network Installation Upgrade for Work & Play

Enjoy a Reliable Connection with Wi-Fi 6 & Leased Equipment

Why You Need a Network Installation Upgrade for Work & Play

Your smart home relies on a consistent and robust internet connection throughout every moment of the day. From streaming your favorite film on your home theater TV to submitting an important file for work, you need a network system that provides a solid and safe connection for everyone in your household.

Want to learn how our team at Total Home Technologies can provide a professional network installation for your entire Manhattan, NY, property? Find out more about our top-notch services and what Wi-Fi 6 and leased networking equipment can bring to your system by reading below.

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Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

A Home Network Installation Gives You the Connectivity You Need for Work, School, and Entertainment

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

Summer is slipping by, and the holidays are drawing closer and closer. With all the upcoming events on the calendar – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and others – you need a robust home networking system to handle all the activities happening at home. You may wonder, “Why is a strong home network important? And how do I know if I need one?”

If you’re like most people, your home in Essex County, NJ, has multiple connected systems or Wi-Fi devices. The more technologies that depend on your modem and router, the greater your need for additional internet bandwidth and an expanded Wi-Fi signal. Discover how professional home network installation can improve how you live and use technology.

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Is Your Home Network Secure with Cisco?

How User-Level Management Is Critical with Every Network Installation

Is Your Home Network Secure with Cisco?

Your smart home runs on advanced technologies. Each one is seamlessly integrated into your home automation system – from your computers and smartphone to the smart lighting, home security system, and the main interface that controls them all. But who watches the watchmen!? Behind every smart home system is the home network. If your home network isn’t completely secure, then your entire system could suffer.

Total Home Technologies employs a user-level management system from Cisco that safeguards your home’s network from hacks, data theft, and any other network security threat. Keep reading to see why user-level management is the right solution for your network installation in Manhattan, NY.

TAGS: Home Networking | Smart Home Automation

Here’s How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Further—and Outdoors Too!

Why Now’s the Time for a New Network Installation

Here’s How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Further—and Outdoors Too!

Social distancing means we’re all staying home more than ever. We’re no longer going to the office, school, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters, or stores, which means we have to make our own entertainment at home. Lots of the time, this means streaming music or movies over the internet. If you’re working remotely and your kids are learning from home, that’s one crowded network.

Perhaps your Wi-Fi has always been a little sub-par. Do certain rooms receive hardly any signal at all? Can you reach the internet outdoors? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your connection. Continue reading to see how a new network installation can help your Morris County, NJ, home during these uncertain times.

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How to Get Internet in Every Corner of Your Home

The Network Installation You Deserve

How to Get Internet in Every Corner of Your Home

If only internet service providers focused on how well the internet worked in our homes, and not just connecting modems to their data center. If your house is like many others, there may be entire rooms, halls, or even floors that don’t receive any network connection. Is your basement a dead zone? Have you ever tried to stream music outdoors only for nothing to load? Do FaceTime calls fail to connect in your kitchen, but work fine on the porch? It may be time for an upgrade.     

For a smoothly running connection throughout your entire home, continue reading to discover what a professional network installation can do for your Essex County, NJ home.

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