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Adjust the lights, lock the door, and turn on the TV by speaking or touching a button. Explore how asmart home automation system brings more luxury to living. 

Ready for Smart Home Automation?

Home Automation Begins with a Professional Installation and the Integration of Your Smart Devices

Ready for Smart Home Automation?

Behind every smart home in Manhattan, NY, there is an automation system integrating dozens of devices into an efficient, cohesive whole. But not every smart home is created, nor automated, equal. In many cases, some technology systems barely work, most likely as a result of the substandard installation and integration of their smart devices. 

At Total Home Technologies, we live and breathe smart home automation

In this article, we will explore how the integration of all your smart devices is behind the successful automation of your new smart home.

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4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Home Automation Company

Partner with an Experienced, Supportive Firm for the Best Results

4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Home Automation Company

So, you’re ready to get started with smart home automation. But how do you decide what company to work with? If you’ve searched ‘smart home companies’ in your city or town, a few results might show up online. But how do you know which business is best? You can look at online reviews, but it’s always tough to tell whose word to trust. 

We’re a technology integrator based in the Red Bank, NJ area, but we aren’t here to boast about our great team (although they are pretty great!). Our founder Keith recently shared a video explaining what to look for in a smart home integrator. If you’re just starting your automation journey, look out for these attributes below! 

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Boost Your Backyard Fun with These Top Technologies

How Smart Home Automation Improves Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Boost Your Backyard Fun with These Top Technologies

When most people hear “smart home automation,” they think of indoor lighting control, whole-home sound, home theater audio-visual systems, and other indoor technologies. However, smart home control doesn’t need to be confined inside. Your outdoor entertainment space can come alive with smart technologies that make backyard fun a real blast!

Touch an icon on your smart home tablet to control your outdoor speaker system, TVs, landscape lighting, and pool and spa systems. Nearly everything electronic comes under your complete command. Keep reading to see how smart home automation takes outdoor entertainment to a new level at your Red Bank, NJ, home.

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You’ve Got a Friend in

A Seamless Way to Experience Complete, Voice-Assisted Smart Home Automation

You’ve Got a Friend in

Smart home automation has provided a level of luxury and convenience that few homeowners have yet to experience. While some people may have a few smart light bulbs or a smart TV in their homes, they aren’t really taking advantage of everything home automation has to offer. Even if you have a Control4 system that gives you one-touch command of your home’s technologies via a touchpad, wall touchscreen, or phone app, you can improve your smart home experience with is a voice-assistant that is specifically designed for smart homeowners. It integrates seamlessly to give you ultimate command of your lighting, audio and video systems, home security, garage doors, and door locks, and every other connected technology. 

Keep reading to learn the three ways can elevate your lifestyle at your home in ManhattanNY.

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What Can You Add to Your Smart Home Automation System? Part 1

What Can You Add to Your Smart Home Automation System? Part 1

Did you know that Control4 is compatible with more than 13,000 third-party devices? These tools include anything from standard features like lighting, security, AV — to some lesser-known items — water temperature monitors, air quality devices, and smart mirrors. The basic rule we’ve found true is that if it uses electricity, Control4 and Total Home Technologies can automate it!

Control4 allows our professional integration team to engineer, customize, and scale nearly any smart home automation system you could imagine.  Let your Manhattan, NY homework for you to ensure maximum convenience by scheduling your whole residence to operate according to a schedule that you can change anytime. We’ll walk you through some opportunities, some that we’ve used for a while, and others were just seen at September’s CEDIA event.

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