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Simplify your Monmouth, NJ home technology with home automation. Explore the possibilities here.

Avoid “Death By 1,000 Apps” with DIY Home Automation

Plus, more tips you should know before installing a home automation system

Avoid “Death By 1,000 Apps” with DIY Home Automation

Many Monmouth County residents love the idea of home automation but don’t want to bother with the potentially hassle-filled world of professional installers. In fact, many believe they can install a professional quality system by themselves. And we think you can, too.

“Well, a professional system could be better,” says Keith Harrison of Total Home Technologies. “But only if you have a good professional." He explains that designing and installing a home automation system by yourself can be fulfilling but that DIY-ers will want to watch out for some of the potential challenges they may face down the line. “These things are challenging on a do-it-yourselfer without professional tools. Not impossible, but challenging,” he says.

To help you on your DIY journey, we've put together this blog with some helpful tips on what you need to know before you start. And don't forget to check out the video below for even more useful information!

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