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3 Reasons to Use a Smart System for Multi-Room Audio

Make the Most of Your Music, TV Audio, and Even Doorbell!

3 Reasons to Use a Smart System for Multi-Room Audio

Imagine a world where you can stream music, play vinyl records, listen to TV audio, and more over the same speakers. When you own a sophisticated smart home system like Control4, you’ll bring audio and entertainment to every corner of your house.

Rather than juggle between disjointed audio speakers, a smart home lets you connect to and control all your media from a single interface. Tap your smartphone app, tablet, or wall keypad, and you’re instantly connected to any media or speaker in the house.

Ready to see how it works? Read on to learn why multi-room audio is superior with a smart system in your Essex County, NJ home.

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Streamline Your Smart Home with a Control4 System

Make the Most of Lighting, Shading, Entertainment, & More

Streamline Your Smart Home with a Control4 System

Time is our most valuable asset, and if you’re trying to find more time in your life, you’re not alone. In a survey by Pew Research, 52 percent of Americans say they often do two or more things at once, and 60 percent of U.S. adults sometimes feel too busy to enjoy life. 

Smart home technology promises to make our lives easier, but DIY gadgets and apps often create more confusion and issues than they solve. In actuality, the best way approach to home automation is through a sophisticated, high-end system like Control4. 

Control4 is a smart home control system that unifies all your home’s technologies into one interface. Read on to see how C4 can streamline your daily routine at home in Bergen County, NJ. 

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Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

Make Life Less Hectic & Enjoy More Time in Your Day

Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

We could all use more hours in the day. To see friends, pursue hobbies, or read that book we’ve been meaning to get around to—and the list goes on. 

When we consistently feel like our days are packed and busy, stress inevitably builds up. Managing a home, especially a large one, requires a lot of work. What if your house could proactively help you save time and manage itself? 

A Control4 smart home system is the tech-savvy solution many busy homeowners have been looking for. It can’t answer emails for you, but it can minimize small tasks throughout your day. And small tasks can certainly add up!

Control4 can’t be found at any-old store or ordered online; you need to work with a certified Control4 dealer to enjoy the benefits. By partnering with a professional like Total Home Technologies, we’ll design and install a smart home that’s customized to your needs. 

In this blog, we’ll share how C4 can alleviate stress and bring daily convenience to your Red Bank, NJ home. 

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Make the Most of the Sports Season with Whole Home Automation

From Baseball to Hockey Season, Make Sure Your Whole Home Is Ready to Entertain

Make the Most of the Sports Season with Whole Home Automation

Whether you’re a Giants or Jets fan, Yankees or Mets, there’s one thing we can all agree on: when it’s game day, you’re clearing all other plans. Of course, it’s great to be there in the stands, but if you’re staying home, you can still create an experience that rivals a ticket to the game. 

How? With the best audio, visuals, and whole-home automation, you can make the entire house (and backyard) game-day ready. Don’t be surprised when your Red Bank, NJ home becomes everyone’s favorite spot for sports!

Get inspired by our AV solutions below if you're ready to upgrade your home entertainment. 

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Your Smart Home Wasn’t Worth It?

DIY Smart Homes Can’t Compare to Professionally Installed Systems

Your Smart Home Wasn’t Worth It?

Gizmodo recently published an article by Andrew Liszewski titled ‘The Smart Home Isn’t Worth It.’ Liszewski writes that smart homes aren’t “worth all the effort” after making his house “barely smarter.” As a home automation company based in Red Bank, NJ, you’d think we’d strongly disagree with the article. But we actually see where Liszweski is coming from.

If you only use off-the-shelf DIY devices from Amazon and Best Buy, you’re not going to experience true home automation. The article complained about systems not cooperating with each other, but if you depend only on “smart” devices from Google, Amazon, Apple, and IKEA, you’re going to run into issues.   

Nowhere in the article did it mention tried-and-true smart home solutions like Control4 or Lutron. And nowhere did it suggest partnering with a smart home company that knows how to do the job right. We don’t blame anyone for regretting their DIY smart home, but we’ll explain below why a professional system is the way to go.   

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Buying a Smart Home? 4 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

What to Expect from Smart Home Living

Buying a Smart Home? 4 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

If you’re moving into a new home with a built-in smart system, congrats! You’re setting off on a new life filled with comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Today, four in ten Americans say they’re interested in smart home living. And for a good reason! Automation systems like Control4 sync lighting, shading, entertainment, HVAC, and security into one easy-to-use platform.  

But smart homes also require a little extra knowledge and preparation. You’ll want to get the most out of your smart system and be aware of what may need maintenance or upgrading. So, ask yourself the following questions before moving into your new Bergen County, NJ, home.

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Make the Most of Natural & Artificial Light with Smart Lighting & Shading

Let Motorized Shades & Lighting Control Elevate Your Manhattan Home

Make the Most of Natural & Artificial Light with Smart Lighting & Shading

In any interior, lighting is arguably one of the most important elements. If you’ve been in a basement apartment, you know how moody and stuffy it can feel in a dark space. But in an open, well-lit room, suddenly you feel ready to seize the day.

New York homes are not known for their abundant space, even if you live in a sizable penthouse or brownstone. You need to make the most of your Manhattan home with a lighting design that enhances both natural and artificial light.

How? With smart lighting control by Control4 and motorized shades that are synched to one smart system. If you’re curious about lighting control in Manhattan, learn how it works and discover your options below.

TAGS: Control4 | Motorized Window Treatments | Smart Lighting

Smarten Up Your Security with Visualint Cameras & Sensors

Go Beyond Standard Alarms and Cameras

Smarten Up Your Security with Visualint Cameras & Sensors

What makes a successful home security system? In our opinion, it should prevent crime and keep you alerted while minimizing false alarms. If you’re bothered by irrelevant security notifications every day, you might start to tune them out. A great camera system should avoid ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenarios so that you never miss a serious situation.

That’s why we choose Visualint for smart home security installations with our Monmouth County, NJ, clients. Visualint’s intelligent cameras and virtual sensors keep you protected while eliminating false alarms. Read on to see how Visualint security devices integrate with the modern smart home.

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You’ve Got a Friend in

A Seamless Way to Experience Complete, Voice-Assisted Smart Home Automation

You’ve Got a Friend in

Smart home automation has provided a level of luxury and convenience that few homeowners have yet to experience. While some people may have a few smart light bulbs or a smart TV in their homes, they aren’t really taking advantage of everything home automation has to offer. Even if you have a Control4 system that gives you one-touch command of your home’s technologies via a touchpad, wall touchscreen, or phone app, you can improve your smart home experience with is a voice-assistant that is specifically designed for smart homeowners. It integrates seamlessly to give you ultimate command of your lighting, audio and video systems, home security, garage doors, and door locks, and every other connected technology. 

Keep reading to learn the three ways can elevate your lifestyle at your home in ManhattanNY.

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On Our Holiday Wish List: 5 Smart Technology Ideas

We’re Feeling Cozy & Bright with These Home Automation Solutions

On Our Holiday Wish List: 5 Smart Technology Ideas

There’s a frost in the air in Bergen County, which means the holidays will be here before we know it. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, whether it’s a spouse, family member, friend, or even yourself—maybe this is the year to dip into smart technology.

Home automation isn’t just about flashy gadgets—with the following solutions, you can add comfort, convenience, and simpler living to any home. Read on for five gift ideas from a smart home company.

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