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How Surveillance Cameras Have Evolved

Today’s Surveillance Tech has Come a Long Way

How Surveillance Cameras Have Evolved

The home remodeling site Houzz conducted a study last year, and the results were pretty neat: nearly half of American homeowners want to add smart technology during their next renovation. And guess what the most popular type of smart device was? Yep, that’s right – security and surveillance.

When you think of surveillance cameras, what comes to mind? Probably a black and white, grainy image of CCTV footage.  

That’s not the only option. Instead, I’d like to talk about modern surveillance cameras – the type you can easily add to your home in Morris County and then actually use to your advantage. 



Today’s security cameras really take the “smart technology” movement to heart. They do more than just record video – they also leverage intelligent analytics to put the camera’s footage to good use. 

The analytics tracks movement across the screen and triggers “events” whenever something specific happens. The cameras are intelligent enough to differentiate between people, cars, animals, and so forth. 

On top of that, those events can be refined so that you don’t have to sift through video footage of every instance someone walked in front of your home. Instead, each camera’s analytics settings is tailored to track the events that are actually important to you, like when a package is delivered to your front door or a car hits the mailbox.

Here are a few more specific examples of the kinds of things smart cameras track:

  1. Trip Lines: 
    You draw the line (figuratively), and the cameras let you know when someone crosses it.
  2. Dual Trip Lines: 
    Same concept, but the person or thing must cross both lines within a certain set timeframe. 
  3. Perimeter Detection: 
    When you specifically want to know when someone is entering or exiting a specific area, you can set up a perimeter detection event. 
  4. Loiter: 
    Don’t want people loitering around your property? Your cameras can let you know if it’s happening. 
  5. Object Abandoned: 
    Did someone leave a package on your front porch? Any kind of abandoned object can be tracked and reported on. 
  6. Object Removed: 
    You’d definitely want to know if a package thief took that delivery from your front porch. This event tracks that kind of behavior.
  7. Auto Tracking: 
    Only available in a specific camera style, auto tracking allows you to monitor activity in a defined area or by crossing a tripline. 

This video does a good job of illustrating how these events are tracked in typical surveillance footage:



As part of our surveillance camera installations throughout New York and New Jersey, we help to define the analytics events that are most important to your family and property. We’ll set up everything to work how it should so that you can sit back, relax, and let the system do its thing.

I’m happy to share more ideas or recommendations for a camera installation on your property – just give me a call or fill out this quick contact form.

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