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Top 3 Mistakes Made with Motorized Shades (and How to Avoid Them)

Do Your Motorized Shades Installation Right the First Time Around

Top 3 Mistakes Made with Motorized Shades (and How to Avoid Them)

Motorized shades are definitely hitting it big in Manhattan lately. It’s quickly going from a rare sight to something I see in most properties.

You know what else I see a lot? Smart shading installations done the wrong way.

You don’t want to look back at your installed window treatments and wish you could have a do-over. So let’s avoid the time machine and dig into the most common problems I see on a regular basis – if you know what they are upfront, you can take steps to avoid them!


Mistake 1: Choosing the Wrong Shade Style

Pop quiz: If you want to maintain your views of the outdoors while having the shades closed, which color shade should you choose: light or dark?

Your gut instinct is probably that a lighter shade will let you see more clearly outside. That’s not the case.

Darker shades actually help maintain an outside view better than lighter shades!

Of course, there are a lot of other factors to consider, such as the openness factor of the fabric, which basically outlines the ratio of open space between the fabric on the shade – the higher the factor, the more visibility you’ll have.

So the big mistake is just choosing a shade you like the look of without thinking of the bigger picture.  Ultimately, what are you trying to achieve with your window shades?

Once you know the answer, the best way to avoid getting the wrong shades is to consult the experts! We’ll be able to offer recommendations on the best color, style, and openness factor for each room.

Mistake 2: Settling for Subpar Programming/Setup

The programming is what sets motorized shades apart from standard window treatments. If the system isn’t set up properly, you’re not going to get full use out of your investment in smart technology.

If using your motorized shades isn’t super simple, a mistake was made somewhere along the line.

Your smart system should be designed to be effortless to use. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find the button on your smart phone app that will let you close the shades or start a scene.

We recommend setting up multiple ways to control your shades – it could be a touchpad on the wall, a hand-held tablet, your smartphone, or even a voice control device like Amazon Echo.

That way, no matter the context, you’ll always have a handy way to set your shades however you want them.

Mistake 3: Letting Your Shades Go to Waste

Unfortunately, some people just let their automated shades just sit there.  It’s a shame!  Mistake #3 is letting your motorized window treatments go idle.

There are so many ways to use your shades to make everyday life better.

You can use them to improve energy efficiency, for example. Set up your system to monitor the temperature in the room, then have the shades automatically lower to stop solar heat gain on hot summer days.

The same goes for protecting your furniture. Photo sensors can tell when the sun rays are shining too brightly through the windows – and will automatically lower the shades for you to keep your décor and furnishings protected from harmful UV rays.

How about making your home more beautiful? Your shades can coordinate with smart lighting control to ensure each room has the perfect lighting for each occasion. It avoids the issue of having annoying sun glares on artwork or TVs.

That’s just three possibilities out of many, but if you’re just using your motorized shades as a way to occasionally open and close via a remote, you’re missing out!

My goal is to make sure you get the most out of your investment in smart technology. If you’re thinking about investing in motorized shades, call us. We’ll help you avoid these common mistakes.

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