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What Can a Home Automation System Do?

Unlock a Whole New World of Convenience with Control4

What Can a Home Automation System Do?

Imagine waking up more naturally, with your smart shades opening to let in the warm morning sunlight and your favorite music playing softly in the background automatically. With a Control4 home automation system, this dream can become your delightful reality.

Control4 is the platform our team will customize to seamlessly integrate all of your home's technology, allowing you to control everything from lighting and temperature to entertainment and security with just a few taps of a button. 

Keep reading to discover what’s possible when you combine Control4’s advanced features with Total Home Technologies’ design and installation expertise.

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What Does a Home Automation System Control?

For fully centralized control of all your motorized shading, lighting, AV, and other smart home solutions, a Control4 system is the best choice! There’s no need to replace your existing IoT devices because this home control platform plays well with others, having compatibility with over ten thousand third-party devices.

Keep using the products you love while eliminating the clutter of multiple apps, thanks to Control4. Using a single powerful system to enhance convenience and comfort in any room of the house is the epitome of modern living. Plus, it’s never too late to incorporate smart home features when you partner with a professional Control4 dealer like Total Home Technologies. We’ll meet you where you’re at in the design-build process, helping you incorporate home automation features during the new construction or remodeling phases and in coordination with other trade professionals.

Is an Automation System Easy to Use?

Even the least technologically savvy person can enjoy a Control4 smart home. Because the system is customized to suit your lifestyle, you can easily manage settings thanks to features like:

  • Favorites designation for frequently used devices and settings
  • Quick access and real-time updates at a glance
  • Easy-to-read icons and quick response time on touch screens and apps
  • Intuitive on-screen display on smart universal remotes
  • Connection to wired and wireless devices using a Control4 controller
  • Customizable scenes synchronize security, comfort, and entertainment settings throughout your home

How Can I Personalize a Control4 Automation System?

Every family is unique, and a smart home environment should reflect that. Whether adjusting the thermostat or setting the mood with lighting for dinner, these personalized touches ensure your home mirrors your lifestyle and preferences.

Automation and Scheduling

Efficiency is critical when adding home technology, and automation is no different. Automate everyday tasks through precise scheduling and responsive triggers so lights can automatically illuminate at dusk, thermostats adjust before you arrive home, and your security system arms itself when you head out. 

Remote Access and Control

Whether you're at work or on vacation, Control4 ensures you’re never too far from home. With remote access capabilities, monitor and control settings using your smartphone or tablet. Check on your property, adjust settings, and ensure everything is just as it should be no matter where you are for added peace of mind and security.

Customization and Scalability

Your Control4 smart home can evolve with you as your needs change or when you bring new devices into your home. Extensive customization options allow you to add and adjust features. Whether upgrading your home theater system or embracing smart lighting control, your automation platform grows with you.

We’re the Automation Expert in Morris County

When you add integrated technology features to your property, you do more than add products. Total Home Technologies becomes your dedicated partner to ensure your new system is supported post-installation with optional service plans for maintenance and support. We also offer equipment leasing to ensure you always have access to the latest smart home functionality!


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