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What is Life Like with Home Automation?

The Benefits You Can Expect from Intelligent Technology

What is Life Like with Home Automation?

There are many reasons to invest in home automation, but perhaps the best one is how it will impact your daily life. By placing your technologies under one control system, you will find yourself in a more efficient and convenient environment that intuits your needs. But how specifically will automation affect your interactions with your Essex County, NJ home? In this article, we’re highlighting three benefits you can expect once you’ve installed your smart home system. Continue reading to learn more

Save Time

Think about all the time you spend looking for your home key, looking for the remote, or turning off your electronics before leaving?  With home automation, you can streamline your day and use that time for more important things. In an intelligent home space, all of your electronics are controlled through one system, which means centralized control and less time. 

Let’s take a typical morning as an example--when you need all the time you can get. There are many tasks you need to accomplish before heading out the door. Instead of walking throughout your house to make sure all the lights are off, all the shades are closed, and other electronics are powered down. Press a preset “Leaving Home” button that will do all this from a touchscreen on the wall. Even if you forget, you can access your home system via your smartphone and turn everything off from work or wherever you are.

Increase Your Home’s Comfort

Automation can also help you enjoy your home spaces more totally. Employ tools that help you home intuit your needs. For instance, placing motorized shades on solar sensors allows them to track the amount of sunlight entering your home. Therefore, the next time you’re enjoying your coffee in the morning, you won’t experience any harsh glares coming in through the window.

Or, you can use several technologies to create the right mood for a space. Do you have trouble unwinding at night? Use automation to turn your bedroom into a relaxation oasis before bed. At the touch of a button, your lighting will dim to your desired settings, low music plays on your home audio system, and the shades close for your privacy.

Increase Your Home’s Elegance

There’s nothing quite like the look and feel that comes with home automation. The addition of smart technologies should enhance your home’s design and impress friends and family. Motorized shades offer some of our favorite design features. Not only can they be engineered in the fabric, size, and shape that fits your space, they also are virtually silent when they lower and raise.

Hidden technologies allow your home decor to shine without sacrificing any audio or video performance. For instance, hidden speakers can be installed directly into your wall so that they are totally invisible to the eye while offering high-quality audio. Televisions can hide behind artwork or disguise itself as a mirror until it’s show time.

When it comes to home automation, there’s virtually no end to the upsides. If you’re ready to experience these benefits and more, contact Total Home today.