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What’s So Great About Smart Home Technology? #C4Yourself.

Visit Either of Our Showrooms to See the Possibilities of Home Automation

What’s So Great About Smart Home Technology? #C4Yourself.

The season for warmer weather is here, which means (hopefully) more time spent outside enjoying the reprieve from the harsh cold of New Jersey. And what better way to enjoy it than with smart technology to make your property luxurious, convenient and efficient?

Home automation can turn a house into a home — a smart home at that. So what exactly does that mean? As a Control4 certified showroom dealer, you can see for yourself in any of our showrooms as we participate in the #C4Yourself event on May 31 (RSVP below).

In this blog, we’ll look at what exactly smart home technology is capable of, what home automation can do for your property when set up correctly, and the importance of working with a Control4 certified showroom dealer.


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Getting to Know Smart Technology

Smart technology for the home includes lighting solutions, audio/video control, customizing your pool or outdoor entertainment area, and more.

But what do those solutions look like?

Imagine waking up to your window shades opening automatically, your lights turning on slowly as your eyes adjust, and turning off the alarm system just from a tap on your phone or tablet. Stream audio throughout the speakers of your home — including those outside — enjoy a customized home theater or dedicated outdoor entertainment space, and more.

Smart solutions consist of technology products that enhance your lifestyle through your daily routine with customization and convenience.


Understanding Home Automation

Wondering how someone manages all these smart products in their home, or how they’re best utilized? Enter home automation.

Automation allows you to integrate all of your products so that they can work in sync conveniently and can be managed from one central source like a smartphone or tablet. Experience your technology at its full potential — the way it was designed to be enjoyed.


Why Does Being a Control4 Certified Showroom Dealer Matter?

It’s one thing to read or hear about how home automation and control can enhance your home and lifestyle. But to make a confident, informed decision when investing in technology, you need to witness and experience the possibilities firsthand. As a Control4 certified showroom dealer, we have the expertise to guide you through how it all works and answer your questions. The real fun comes in though when you get to see how everything can be customized to your exact preferences.


Ready to see how Control4 can transform your home? Visit one of our showrooms to #C4Yourself. RSVP online here. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at (877) 550-5150.