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Why Is My Living Room So Dark, and How Can I Fix It?

Learn How Lighting Design Plays an Essential Role in Experiencing Your NYC Home

Why Is My Living Room So Dark, and How Can I Fix It?

Living in the bustling heart of Manhattan comes with its unique set of architectural marvels and design quirks. One common concern is the lack of sufficient lighting in living areas, but why does this issue persist, and more importantly, how can it be resolved? 

As a premier lighting design expert, Total Home Technologies brings customized lighting designs and installations to homes. In the article below, we shed light on this shadowy dilemma.

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Why Is My Living Room So Dark?

Manhattan homes are renowned for their style and character, but many have limited natural light due to the high-density living and towering skyscrapers. Add to this each homeowner’s unique interior design choices and existing outdated lighting systems, and you have a recipe for a dim living room. Home lighting should offer more than visibility and functionality. It significantly affects the aesthetics, functionality, and overall mood of your space.

What Is Lighting Design?

Lighting design strategically layers ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the functionality and beauty of any room. It goes beyond installing a few light fixtures and encompasses every inch of your home to create an ambiance that complements your lifestyle and decor. A well-lit room feels more spacious, welcoming, and comfortable, which is crucial in the compact living areas typical of city life.

Get Smart with Home Lighting

Modern living demands smart home automation, where convenience meets customization. The Total Home Technologies team offers state-of-the-art lighting and smart control solutions from leading brands like Lutron, which is a company known for elegant, powerful lighting options and motorized shades. 

These smart systems allow you to adjust your lighting with the touch of a button or a voice command, and they also enable you to preset your preferences for different times of the day or certain activities! No matter what you’re doing while you’re at home, your home is always shown in its best light.

Motorized Shades and Natural Light Optimization

Beyond lighting fixtures and their placement, another effective way to enhance your home’s illumination is through the strategic use of motorized shades. These are programmable, so they automatically adjust throughout the day to optimize natural light and provide privacy when needed. Controlling these shades becomes effortless when integrated into a Control4 smart home control system, harmoniously blending natural and artificial light to suit your needs.

Enhancing the look and feel of your Manhattan spaces is easily solvable with the right lighting design and technology expertise. Breathe new life into your spaces, and connect with our team here to schedule a consultation. Let’s bring light to where it's needed most!

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