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Why You Should Work With A Professional On Your Home Theater Design

Get the most out of your home entertainment experience with a professionally installed system

Why You Should Work With A Professional On Your Home Theater Design

Home theaters are becoming a popular addition to luxury homes, and with good reason. As more content is available for streaming and blockbusters are being released on demand, the appeal of a cinematic viewing experience in the comfort of your home is undeniable. But before you go to the big-box technology store and buy the equipment for a DIY installation, you should consider working with a home theater installation expert to create the home cinema of your dreams. Read on to learn why it is essential to work with a professional on your home theater design in New York, NY.

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Unmatched Expertise

Many decisions go into designing a home theater. You have to pick the best space for it in your home, the right equipment, whether you want a projector or large television for your screen, the optimal seating layout so everyone has the best view of the screen, how to easily control it all… the list goes on and on. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, we don’t blame you. The best way to ensure that your home theater installation meets your expectations is to partner with a professional. Our experts have experience working on both new construction builds and remodel projects. They will create a custom design based on the space and layout of your room. Every element of your theater will be carefully installed and calibrated for optimal performance.

Easy Control Options

How can you enjoy your home theater if it is too difficult to use? First, an expert technician will integrate all your devices into one system. A home automation system makes it easy to manage all of the technology in your home on one centralized interface. Make adjustments using your smartphone, tablet, or intuitive remote. You can even create scenes to simplify control of your technology further! For example, a “Movie Night” scene will simultaneously dim the lights, turn on the AC, lower the projector screen, and switch your AV components to the right inputs and settings with just a tap.

Keep Up To Date On The Latest Technology

Technology is constantly evolving, and home theater systems are no exception. Every year there are new projectors, displays, televisions, speakers, receivers, and more. How can you keep up with this audio-video technology in your home theater? There is an easy way to get the latest technology without buying new devices. Our equipment leasing services allow you to experience new technology with no money down. When it is time for an upgrade or replacement, our technicians will come to your home to personally install your new devices. Since you are leasing, if there are any issues with defective or broken items, we will take care of them at no cost.

Design-Focused Approach

When many homeowners imagine a home theater, they think about a collection of speakers, amplifiers, and projectors without considering the design or measurements of a space. However, the room is just as important a factor in your home theater as the projector and speakers. It plays an important role in determining the screen's shape and how many people you will be able to fit into your cinema. A good home theater design expert will take accurate measurements of your room or, if you have the blueprints of your home, will carefully examine those. They will determine how many people you would like to seat, if you plan to mostly watch TV, movies, or sports, and if the room will be used for other things such as gaming or karaoke. If the room might be used while other household members are sleeping, an integrator can even soundproof the walls to prevent the immersive surround sound system from disturbing them.

Total Home Technologies is your local home theater designer and expert. We design and install smart home systems and home theaters for all types of properties, from flexible media rooms to large dedicated cinemas. Contact our team here to get started on your residence today!

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