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The Difference a Lighting Design Makes in Your New York Home

Expand the Space and Enhance the Atmosphere

The Difference a Lighting Design Makes in Your New York Home

Do you ever pass by a restaurant, glance inside the windows, and think, “Oh, I want to go there?” You haven’t even checked the menu yet, but the lighting and atmosphere look so enticing, you’re ready to make a reservation. 

What creates an inviting ambiance like that? Ultimately, it’s the lighting design! Restaurants and stores across Manhattan hire professional lighting designers to cultivate a particular mood in their space. And the same can be done in your New York home! 

More New Yorkers than ever are partnering with lighting designers to enhance their home interiors. If you’re undergoing a renovation or are moving into a new home, learn how a lighting design will boost your mood and uplift your interior.

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Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

Make Life Less Hectic & Enjoy More Time in Your Day

Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

We could all use more hours in the day. To see friends, pursue hobbies, or read that book we’ve been meaning to get around to—and the list goes on. 

When we consistently feel like our days are packed and busy, stress inevitably builds up. Managing a home, especially a large one, requires a lot of work. What if your house could proactively help you save time and manage itself? 

A Control4 smart home system is the tech-savvy solution many busy homeowners have been looking for. It can’t answer emails for you, but it can minimize small tasks throughout your day. And small tasks can certainly add up!

Control4 can’t be found at any-old store or ordered online; you need to work with a certified Control4 dealer to enjoy the benefits. By partnering with a professional like Total Home Technologies, we’ll design and install a smart home that’s customized to your needs. 

In this blog, we’ll share how C4 can alleviate stress and bring daily convenience to your Red Bank, NJ home. 

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Rather Than DIY This Season, Let’s Install Your Home Theater Together

Find a Little Inspiration for Your Holiday Entertainment

Rather Than DIY This Season, Let’s Install Your Home Theater Together

Are you ready to give your home entertainment a boost this year, just in time for Christmas, Hannukah, or New Year’s? You can bring the family together with cozy nights in the home theater as you watch holiday movies, new Oscar-worthy releases, or listen to festive tunes over surround sound. 

But rather than attempt the home theater installation alone, why not get a little help from your local AV integrator? We install home theaters, multi-room audio, and media rooms in the Red Bank, NJ area, and have all the quality equipment and solutions to create exceptional experiences. 

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When to Hire a Professional for Smart Lighting Control

Off-the-Shelf Smart Bulbs May Be Convenient, But Are You Getting the Full Lighting Experience?

When to Hire a Professional for Smart Lighting Control

As we head into darker, shorter days here in New York, NY, many people are seeking more ways to bring light into their homes. Smart lighting control lets users customize the color temperature and brightness of their lighting fixtures, automating bulbs to mimic the sunrise and sunset, and even control when lights are on to save energy. 

There are countless benefits to smart lighting, but there’s one question that remains unclear for many homeowners: should I install this myself or hire a professional? 

Online and in stores, you’ll find DIY off-the-shelf smart bulbs that connect to your phone over Wi-Fi. In some cases, that’s a fine option. But if you want a fully integrated home with more customization and automation options, a professional smart lighting installation is your best bet. 

If you’re unsure what you really need for your New York home, we share below what your expectations can be for both a DIY and professional lighting system. 

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Make the Most of the Sports Season with Whole Home Automation

From Baseball to Hockey Season, Make Sure Your Whole Home Is Ready to Entertain

Make the Most of the Sports Season with Whole Home Automation

Whether you’re a Giants or Jets fan, Yankees or Mets, there’s one thing we can all agree on: when it’s game day, you’re clearing all other plans. Of course, it’s great to be there in the stands, but if you’re staying home, you can still create an experience that rivals a ticket to the game. 

How? With the best audio, visuals, and whole-home automation, you can make the entire house (and backyard) game-day ready. Don’t be surprised when your Red Bank, NJ home becomes everyone’s favorite spot for sports!

Get inspired by our AV solutions below if you're ready to upgrade your home entertainment. 

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4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Home Automation Company

Partner with an Experienced, Supportive Firm for the Best Results

4 Things to Consider When Looking for a Home Automation Company

So, you’re ready to get started with smart home automation. But how do you decide what company to work with? If you’ve searched ‘smart home companies’ in your city or town, a few results might show up online. But how do you know which business is best? You can look at online reviews, but it’s always tough to tell whose word to trust. 

We’re a technology integrator based in the Red Bank, NJ area, but we aren’t here to boast about our great team (although they are pretty great!). Our founder Keith recently shared a video explaining what to look for in a smart home integrator. If you’re just starting your automation journey, look out for these attributes below! 

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Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

A Home Network Installation Gives You the Connectivity You Need for Work, School, and Entertainment

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

Summer is slipping by, and the holidays are drawing closer and closer. With all the upcoming events on the calendar – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and others – you need a robust home networking system to handle all the activities happening at home. You may wonder, “Why is a strong home network important? And how do I know if I need one?”

If you’re like most people, your home in Essex County, NJ, has multiple connected systems or Wi-Fi devices. The more technologies that depend on your modem and router, the greater your need for additional internet bandwidth and an expanded Wi-Fi signal. Discover how professional home network installation can improve how you live and use technology.

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Your Smart Home Wasn’t Worth It?

DIY Smart Homes Can’t Compare to Professionally Installed Systems

Your Smart Home Wasn’t Worth It?

Gizmodo recently published an article by Andrew Liszewski titled ‘The Smart Home Isn’t Worth It.’ Liszewski writes that smart homes aren’t “worth all the effort” after making his house “barely smarter.” As a home automation company based in Red Bank, NJ, you’d think we’d strongly disagree with the article. But we actually see where Liszweski is coming from.

If you only use off-the-shelf DIY devices from Amazon and Best Buy, you’re not going to experience true home automation. The article complained about systems not cooperating with each other, but if you depend only on “smart” devices from Google, Amazon, Apple, and IKEA, you’re going to run into issues.   

Nowhere in the article did it mention tried-and-true smart home solutions like Control4 or Lutron. And nowhere did it suggest partnering with a smart home company that knows how to do the job right. We don’t blame anyone for regretting their DIY smart home, but we’ll explain below why a professional system is the way to go.   

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How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

The Difference Between a Basic Alarm System and Robust Smart Home Security

How to Stop Porch Pirates from Robbing Your Peace of Mind

In years past, alarms systems weren’t very smart. Sure, they thought they were. But they simply acted like a string attached to a few tin cans. When someone “tripped” over it, you’d be alerted with an obnoxious sound. Old systems had many problems: 1. They weren’t proactive, 2. They often sent false alerts, and 3. They could often be circumvented – just like stepping over the string!

Fortunately, in our high-tech world, we have smarter products that offer incredibly advanced security – with no strings attached! If you want to enjoy remote access to your security system, receive mobile and accurate alerts, see high-definition footage, and catch porch pirates in the act, then it’s time to upgrade to smart home security.

Keep reading to see why you need a smart security system at your home in Red Bank, NJ.

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Buying a Smart Home? 4 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

What to Expect from Smart Home Living

Buying a Smart Home? 4 Questions to Ask Before Moving In

If you’re moving into a new home with a built-in smart system, congrats! You’re setting off on a new life filled with comfort, convenience, and luxury.

Today, four in ten Americans say they’re interested in smart home living. And for a good reason! Automation systems like Control4 sync lighting, shading, entertainment, HVAC, and security into one easy-to-use platform.  

But smart homes also require a little extra knowledge and preparation. You’ll want to get the most out of your smart system and be aware of what may need maintenance or upgrading. So, ask yourself the following questions before moving into your new Bergen County, NJ, home.

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