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The Difference a Home Wi-Fi Upgrade Makes

Experience a Fast and Reliable Home Network No Matter Where You Roam

The Difference a Home Wi-Fi Upgrade Makes

Smart home automation can transform your everyday living, bringing enhanced beauty, entertainment, and an almost undefinable ease of living. But your automated system is nothing without the element that connects it all, creating a seamless experience that enables your smart home to respond to your needs before you even know what they are. 

And that element is your home Wi-Fi 

Thanks to advancements in this technology, today’s Wi-Fi provides a robust home network—corner-to-corner fast and reliable coverage, including your great outdoors. 

Let’s explore this all-important aspect of smart home living and what it offers your home in Manhattan, NY.

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Wi-Fi 6: Designed for Smart Home Living

When smart home automation first entered the market, homes were equipped with up to 10 smart devices at the most. Today, most smart homes have 50 more, and an all-encompassing luxury smart home may have up to 200 connected devices, all using the same home network. 

Your router, however, can only communicate with so many devices at one time. So, the more connected devices, the slower the network becomes. The result is buffering during streaming, low-quality video, slower browsing speeds, and latency during gaming. Also known as frustration. 

To help combat these issues, Wi-Fi 6 was developed. This high-efficiency wireless communication protocol was designed to better manage home networks with numerous smart devices.

More than Speed

We all want faster connections—downloads that occur in the blink of an eye and uninterrupted streaming. And, while Wi-Fi 6 delivers this—enhancing speed for every device—its real service lies in improving the network when multiple devices are in use. 

The newest technology lets a router communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, creating better bandwidth allocation. It was also designed with 4K and 8K streaming resolution in mind. Thanks to its ultra-fast processors and increased memory, you can enjoy HD streaming and at-home video conferences without any disruption. This crystal-clear high-resolution video occurs even if your kids are playing a video game, your teenager’s streaming tunes, and there’s a Netflix binge party in the media room. 

Extending Coverage with Wireless Access

To take advantage of this, you need a Wi-Fi 6 compatible network. This may include upgrading your router to Wi-Fi 6 and adding Wi-Fi 6 access points. These wireless access points extend your coverage, redistributing the network to new areas. Now, no matter where you roam, you’re guaranteed reliable and fast coverage and a smart home that responds to your every demand. 

At Total Home Technologies, we’ve been integrating innovative smart home technology solutions for over 30 years. Our goal? Enhance and simplify your everyday life, making it easier and more enjoyable. Ensuring a robust home network is one of the most direct approaches to achieving our aim. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s Wi-Fi and enjoy ensured connectivity? To learn more about home Wi-Fi or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Total Home Technologies today.

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