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How Effective Is a Home Security System?

One Stand-Alone Device Isn’t Enough. Here’s Why You Need A Layered System for Protection

How Effective Is a Home Security System?

According to a study on the habits of burglars by UNC Charlotte, 83% of burglars admitted that they specifically look to see if a house is armed with alarms. 60% said they would change their minds if there were one installed.

That may sound like enough to convince anyone, but many still wonder if a home security system helps homeowners. Certainly, a system that is not efficiently built and leaves behind blind spots will be vulnerable. But a layered system with multiple levels of protection will make it nearly impossible for your house to be targeted, or for disasters to go too far. Read on to see how your Monmouth County, NJ home could gain from a new safety system.

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Step 1: Deter Criminals

Part of a security system’s purpose is dissuasion, as in making your home a more difficult target than other houses in the neighborhood. If your house is equipped with bright exterior lights that turn on with motion sensors, and indoor lights that automatically flicker every few hours, a potential burglar may decide not to risk being seen by someone home. A home technology professional can help you automate your lights with security specifically in mind.

The presence of security cameras and alarms will also intimidate criminals. You may think it’s a good idea to hide cameras out of view, but it’s more effective to let anyone approaching see the lenses right above your front door or on the walkway. A burglar may decide it’s not worth the risk of being caught and will try somewhere else.

Step 2: Warn for Activity

The next layer of protection is a warning. Fire alarms are an essential and fantastic device to save lives, but what if you aren’t home when disaster strikes? A smart security system can alert your phone when alarms go off. Even if you’re halfway around the world on a trip, you’ll be notified if a motion sensor picks up activity close to or inside your house. From there, you can check in on security cameras from your phone or tablet and see what is going on at home. 

Step 3: Notify Authorities

If you do see something suspicious or dangerous happening through your app’s video feed, you’ll be able to call the police or fire department right away. There are 24/7 alarm monitoring services available that can do this step for you. A monitoring center will receive the alert from your home and call you. If you don’t respond, they’ll then reach the authorities on your behalf.

As impressive as today’s security cameras and alarms are, they should be seen as an augmentation to a layered approach to security. Only with a smart system that syncs all of your devices will you be completely secure. 

If you’re ready to learn more or would like to get started with your own security system, call Total Home Technologies in Monmouth County, NJ at (877) 550-5150, or submit an online form here.

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