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Improve Your Hospital’s Privacy and Productivity with Sound Masking

Make Doctors and Patients Comfortable in Any Part of the Building

Improve Your Hospital’s Privacy and Productivity with Sound Masking

If you’re a hospital administrator, nurse, or doctor, then you’ve most likely heard it before.  You’re meeting with a patient in one room and you can hear a patient talking to their doctor in the room right next door.  From what the doctor is prescribing to the patients treatment plan – you hear it all.

This is not only an invasion of your patient’s privacy, its uncomfortable for the patient or employee who is unintentionally hearing all of this as well!  Your seemingly harmless, paper-thin walls could potentially lead to HIPAA law violations and losing patients who felt vulnerable and exposed.

So how can you avoid this loss of privacy for your entire New Jersey hospital or doctors office?  Your solution is sound masking.  You might have heard of this concept before, but are unsure of how it could help your facility.

Keep reading below to learn about the many benefits of this smart solution, and how you can create a comfortable and safe space in every part of your hospital or health care facility for both doctors and patients.


Privacy and Comfort

Have every appointment, interaction, and phone call done with confidentiality in your hospital.  Every patient should feel safe and secure throughout the entire process, from scheduling to while at their visit – not worrying that their private information is being overheard.

Sound masking, also referred to as “white noise” or “pink noise,” can boost your buildings’ privacy using special sound generating units and a series of installed speakers.  These speakers will provide unobtrusive background sound that masks unwanted office distractions.

Sound masking will cover up everyday workplace noise including chatter, discussions, and other noisy distractions that might disrupt a meeting or appointment. Sound Masking will also keep any confidential, valuable or personal information from being heard in a neighboring room.

An expertly installed  sound masking solution will give you peace of mind and guarantee your patients maintain their comfort and confidentiality at all times.

Enhance Productivity

Loud noises, speech, and other sounds can often throw off productivity and motivation in a work space.  In a fast paced healthcare environment, it can be hard for employees to concentrate on a single task while surrounded by noise.

Many believe that absolute silence is the way for operations to continue running smoothly – and the only way to stay focused on a task at hand.  Contrary to popular belief, working in complete silence is actually just as difficult as working in a noisy environment. A pen hitting the floor in a completely silent room can be just as distracting as a large group of people talking, A professionally tuned and balanced sound masking system will cover up unwanted noise but also eliminate complete silence throughout the space.

Now as you go about your daily routine and appointments, you and your employees can stay in the zone and get more done in a timely manner.  You no longer have to worry that your everyday tasks and movements are causing noise disturbances through your workplace that will inevitably distract other employees from their tasks.

Bring privacy, comfort, and efficiency to your hospital or doctors office with a professional sound masking system.  Don’t let your building’s thin walls or open layout be a concern!  Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We’d love to hear from you!


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