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Mesh Networks Are Not the Solution for Home Wi-Fi

Fed Up with Your Internet? A Mesh Network Won’t Help. Here’s What Will.

Mesh Networks Are Not the Solution for Home Wi-Fi

“Mesh” has become a trendy, marketable word in the world of Wi-Fi. You’ve probably seen commercials or ads promoting “mesh networks” that keep your whole home connected over speedy internet. But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: mesh Wi-Fi is not the best way to eliminate dead zones. In fact, it could make your home Wi-Fi perform even worse.

If you’re looking for a way to spread strong internet signals across your Manhattan, NY home, mesh is not the solution. Below, we’ll share what mesh really means, its downfalls, and an alternative fix that will provide far better coverage.  

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What Is a Mesh Network, Anyway?

When some homeowners want to extend their Wi-Fi beyond a single router, they might use a mesh network. But what does that mean? A mesh network uses multiple repeater devices that wirelessly connect to each other. These repeaters “repeat” the signal to share it across large spaces or areas that are difficult to reach, like through brick or cement walls.

Why Doesn’t Mesh Work?

Every time you repeat a Wi-Fi signal, the strength of that signal is weakened. A mesh network takes up twice the space in the air at much slower speeds. So, the Wi-Fi you receive from repeaters is a lower quality signal than the one that comes directly from your router. 

A Better Solution

You still need a way to evenly spread Wi-Fi across your Manhattan home. We understand; between working remotely and streaming entertainment, you rely on wireless connections more than ever.

But rather than install a mesh network, opt for intelligent, roaming Wi-Fi that uses wireless access points. Access points wired into the internet are tremendously stronger and faster than repeaters. And you’re free to walk across your home without once losing connection or needing to switch to a different network. 

Most of the brands we see online aren’t ones we would recommend to our customers. We trust Cisco’s Professional Series products and choose their OpenRoamiing solutions over mesh networks. For the best performance, every piece of networking equipment in your home should be from the same series and manufacturer.

If your home’s Wi-Fi needs a boost, we can help build a speedy, reliable network that covers every area. We provide networking and technology solutions to homes in New York City and New Jersey. Connect with Total Home Technology today to get started!

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