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Modern Whole-Home Audio Is Invisible

Stream great music anywhere in your home with smart technology solutions

Modern Whole-Home Audio Is Invisible

Picture stepping into any room of your Howell, NJ home and listening to your favorite song. Stream a playlist throughout your house or choose a different song for each room. You can achieve that level of control with a whole-home audio system. Some homeowners hesitate before installing a multi-room music system because it might clutter up your rooms with bulky AV gear. But it doesn't have to. Find out how we can design a system that looks the way you want and sounds great too. Keep reading for more.

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Reduce Clutter

Music systems are great for listening to tunes. Expertly calibrated, robust speakers ensure music sounds lovely no matter where you listen to it. And it won't take up too much space, disturb the decor, or be a hassle.

Invisible, recessed speakers install securely in the ceiling or wall and deliver superior sound without the clutter. Enclosed within recesses roughly the size of canned lights, the speaker system blends in among your lights. You won't know it's there until you hear it.

Multiple speakers in every room ensure minimal peak audio hotspots. Our expert installation and calibration will help, too. Each speaker connects to a central source and streams anywhere with the touch of a button.

Additionally, integrating the system with automated control lets you seamlessly stream, adjust the volume, skip tracks, and find the right song from the user-friendly, colorful, and intuitive interface.

Don’t let technology dominate your home. You can’t enjoy its full benefits that way. A whole-home audio system preserves the look of your interior design while allowing you to listen to music in every room.

Work with Us Today!

At Total Home Technologies, we can help you achieve your home audio dreams. Thanks to internet streaming, impeccable sound staging, expert calibration, and more, we can guide you to the solution that’s right for your lifestyle and budget.

We build systems that connect with other technology devices for smooth, automated control. With the touch of a button, command the lights, shades, AV, security, and more. Smart home technology is easy to use and can improve your household. Automated controls reduce energy usage, enhance comfort, improve safety, and simplify daily routines.

If you want to work with New Jersey’s leading smart home and integrated technology expert, click here or give us a call at (877) 550-5150 today!

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