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On Our Holiday Wish List: 5 Smart Technology Ideas

We’re Feeling Cozy & Bright with These Home Automation Solutions

On Our Holiday Wish List: 5 Smart Technology Ideas

There’s a frost in the air in Bergen County, which means the holidays will be here before we know it. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone, whether it’s a spouse, family member, friend, or even yourself—maybe this is the year to dip into smart technology.

Home automation isn’t just about flashy gadgets—with the following solutions, you can add comfort, convenience, and simpler living to any home. Read on for five gift ideas from a smart home company.

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Smart Lights Make the Season Bright

It’s 2020, and lights are no longer limited to ‘on’ or ‘off.’ With a smart lighting system by Control4 or Lutron, you can fine-tune the color and brightness of every bulb right from your smartphone. Activate multiple rooms at once or select a specific lighting fixture and adjust the appearance. You’ll enjoy a cozy, dim glow in the evenings with cocoa or set landscape lights to festive reds and greens in seconds.

You Better Watch Out…with Smart Security

As we order more packages near the holidays, we need to be aware of opportunistic porch pirates that snatch boxes off front steps. But a smart security system that syncs cameras, door locks, and alarms to one network will notify you instantly if there’s motion detected. Speak to whoever’s there through the intercom, and if it’s just the delivery person, you can remotely unlock your foyer to let them drop off the box, then lock it after them from your Control4 app.

Deck the Halls in Whole-Home Audio

Whether you’re making cookies in the kitchen or finishing up work in the home office, you can still enjoy your favorite holiday tunes as you walk from room to room. With a multi-room music system, you’ll control each room’s speakers simultaneously from your phone. This could include floor-standing, bookshelf, or in-wall speakers for a minimalistic aesthetic.

Spread the Cheer with Multi-Room Video

Maybe you’re watching the game in the den but have to walk to the kitchen to grab a dish out of the oven. A distributed audio and video system will let you continue listening to the game over your multi-room speakers and glance up at your kitchen TV, so you don’t miss a moment. With Control4, you can turn on each TV and speaker, instantly selecting ESPN from your ‘favorites’ on the home screen of your remote, phone, or tablet.

Like Magic with Voice Control

Manage all the home technology we’ve mentioned (and more) through your voice with a smart assistant like Amazon Alexa, Josh.ai, or Google Home. Give your loved ones the gift of total control, letting them say, “Alexa, turn on the fan” or “Dim the lights” to their Josh.ai device, which is made specifically for smart homes. Whether they’re in a hurry out the door or just relaxing by the fire, they’ll be able to adjust their home to their preferences hands-free.

Smart Home Solutions in Bergen County, NJ

Looking for home technology solutions this season? From high-end speakers to smart security, Total Home Technologies is your destination. Contact us here to find the devices or installation right for your family. Happy Holidays!