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Show Your Home Some Love with Motorized Shades

Your House Will Be Looking Fine with Automated Shades

Show Your Home Some Love with Motorized Shades

Chocolates, flowers, motorized shades? It may not sound like the typical gift to give to a partner or yourself. But smart motorized shades provide several benefits that will enhance your lifestyle and the atmosphere of your Ocean County, NJ home. How? Continue reading to find out.

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Set the Scene for Romance

Surprise your significant other and convert your home into a romantic getaway with smart technology. When using your smart home system, press one button to lower your motorized shades, dim the lights, and start jazz music all at once. All you need is champagne, and you have a romantic date night at home in seconds. Smart scenes create thrilling moments that you have to see to believe—with color tunable lights set to warm glows, you’ll be in the midst of romance and luxury. And when it’s time for bed, press ‘Goodnight’ to turn everything off.

Create an Elegant Appearance

Because every blind can be controlled in one tap or voice command, you can sync each window treatment to rise and lower simultaneously. The result? You’ll have a row of perfectly matched blinds in every window. Your house will always appear put-together, and you’ll be pleased to return to the tidy appearance after a day at work.

Give the Gift of Time

If your partner has a hectic schedule throughout the week and is always in a hurry, give them a little convenience and time-saving. Although raising and lowering the blinds doesn’t take a substantial amount of time, small tasks can pile up. And you may end up leaving the blinds down while getting ready, which leads to groggy mornings. With motorized shades, you can schedule blinds to rise automatically at the same time each morning or tell your smart speaker to adjust the shades. That way, you and your partner will have one less thing to do.

Wake Up to the Sunrise  

Isn’t it lovely to awake with natural light splayed across your bed, and to peek at the pinks, oranges, and golds of the sunrise? But if you’re like most people, you enjoy your privacy at night. With motorized shades, they’ll raise in the morning to let you have that romantic sunrise moment. You’ll find an extra bounce in your step each morning and may even awaken more naturally.

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