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Smarten Up Your Security with Visualint Cameras & Sensors

Go Beyond Standard Alarms and Cameras

Smarten Up Your Security with Visualint Cameras & Sensors

What makes a successful home security system? In our opinion, it should prevent crime and keep you alerted while minimizing false alarms. If you’re bothered by irrelevant security notifications every day, you might start to tune them out. A great camera system should avoid ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenarios so that you never miss a serious situation.

That’s why we choose Visualint for smart home security installations with our Monmouth County, NJ, clients. Visualint’s intelligent cameras and virtual sensors keep you protected while eliminating false alarms. Read on to see how Visualint security devices integrate with the modern smart home.

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Intelligent Cameras with Object Tracking

Standard surveillance cameras passively record the goings-on around your property. But intelligent cameras from Visualint take an active role in security.

By using a mixture of fixed and pan-tilt-zoom features, Visualint cameras can communicate with each other to track an object as it moves. The cameras use size-based object tracking rather than light-based motion to distinguish the difference between a car, person, or pet in the driveway. 


Custom Virtual Sensors

Security systems typically implement motion sensors on windows, doors, or walls to trigger alerts. But we can program virtual sensors into your Visualint cameras with motion-based analytic rules, creating monitored zones in any area of your home. Imagine a virtual tripwire line on your driveway. If an unrecognized vehicle crosses the line, you’ll receive a notification letting you know.

Virtual sensors can be used for countless scenarios. Loitering sensors tell you when a car or person has been standing in a zone for pre-determined amounts of time. ‘Object abandonment’ lets you know when a package has been delivered, or the reverse—if a particular object goes missing. You’ll receive a notification right to your phone or tablet.

Sequence Lighting & Audio

Visualint sensors trigger more than cameras or alerts. If you walk across a virtual line, for instance, sensors can sequence lights across the yard, flash landscape lights as someone opens the gate, or illuminate the pool area.

Visualint also cues speakers for multi-room audio and sequence lighting and shades, so it looks like someone is always home. Visualint is compatible with Control4 automation systems, so the rest of your smart devices can be activated by virtual sensors.

Getting Started with Smart Home Security

A smart security system has lots of moving parts to configure and install. Will you self-monitor your cameras or subscribe to professional monitoring services? Will you use wireless or wired cameras—or both?

Total Home Technology can build a system that integrates seamlessly into your New Jersey home. Contact us here or chat with our staff below to get started.

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