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Why You Need a Network Installation Upgrade for Work & Play

Enjoy a Reliable Connection with Wi-Fi 6 & Leased Equipment

Why You Need a Network Installation Upgrade for Work & Play

Your smart home relies on a consistent and robust internet connection throughout every moment of the day. From streaming your favorite film on your home theater TV to submitting an important file for work, you need a network system that provides a solid and safe connection for everyone in your household.

Want to learn how our team at Total Home Technologies can provide a professional network installation for your entire Manhattan, NY, property? Find out more about our top-notch services and what Wi-Fi 6 and leased networking equipment can bring to your system by reading below.

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The Benefits of a Strong Connection & Wi-Fi 6 & Beyond!

No one enjoys a never-ending buffering symbol when trying to stream a film for family movie night or load a website page or email. And if your internet connection fails you while you’re trying to join a video conference meeting or upload a crucial work document in time for a deadline, then you’re likely to grow even more frustrated.

An upgraded home network with Wi-Fi 6 can eliminate these issues and deliver a quick and consistent connection for all your personal and work needs. You’ll never have to deal with frozen screens, garbled audio, or long-loading times on a daily basis again. Wi-Fi 6 promises faster speeds that allow every smart device in your home to run off its network connection without ever slowing down. Your network system will provide a strong and safe connection when you need it most, letting you use your smart home technologies without worry.

Don’t Buy . . . Lease!

However, even as you read this, Wi-Fi 6 has begun to transition to Wi-Fi 6E. Soon, it’ll be Wi-Fi 7 in its place! With networking changing so rapidly, there’s no reason to buy high-end network equipment for your home that you’ll need to replace every three years, when leasing is a better option from Total Home Technologies. With leased Wi-Fi products and solutions, you can immediately receive all the equipment you need, every new software upgrade, as well as regular maintenance and patches to resolve any issues. This ability to upgrade is crucial when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of network hardware, software, and Wi-Fi.

Replacing expensive solutions is costly, but new networking equipment is available quite regularly. Instead, our team can bring in the latest releases and install the newest generation of a product and simply adjust your leasing cost per month. The end result is a professional network system and Wi-Fi setup with top-quality equipment that is always prepped to deliver fast internet speeds and a consistent connection.

Trust Total Home Technologies with Your Installation 

Don’t rely on DIY solutions or the equipment that comes with your ISP for your network installation. Work with Total Home Technologies for every step of your network upgrade, ensuring a strong and secure connection across your whole home. With proper cabling, enterprise-grade network equipment, and additional Wi-Fi access points, you won’t deal with “dead zones” in your home. Rest assured that you can bring your laptop to any room or stream a film or TV show on any screen with zero delay or hassle.


Want to find out more about upgrading your home network to enjoy fast speeds and dependable Wi-Fi? With our top-notch services and equipment leasing plans, we make sure you always have a strong and secure internet connection. So give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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