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Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

A Home Network Installation Gives You the Connectivity You Need for Work, School, and Entertainment

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough for Your Smart Home?

Summer is slipping by, and the holidays are drawing closer and closer. With all the upcoming events on the calendar – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and others – you need a robust home networking system to handle all the activities happening at home. You may wonder, “Why is a strong home network important? And how do I know if I need one?”

If you’re like most people, your home in Essex County, NJ, has multiple connected systems or Wi-Fi devices. The more technologies that depend on your modem and router, the greater your need for additional internet bandwidth and an expanded Wi-Fi signal. Discover how professional home network installation can improve how you live and use technology.

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Big Bandwidth & Wonderful Wi-Fi

Everyone wants a home with a reliable internet connection and consistent Wi-Fi signal strength in every room. The truth is you can have it! While you’re watching a 4K movie in your home theater, your child is doing online school work, and your spouse is on a conference call, you all can enjoy perfect connections.

However, an ordinary home network won’t do it. Instead, you need enterprise-grade solutions for your network installation. That could include a better router and modem, Wi-Fi access points, or a mesh network. When you have cutting-edge home network technology in your living areas, all your connected devices (i.e., mobile phones, computers, audio-video equipment, smart lighting, and other smart technologies) will respond immediately and reliably.

The Smart Choice for Home Networking Installation

A few decades ago, the world didn’t know what “smart technology” was. In fact, the smartest products in the home were probably TVs and computers. Back then, a basic modem was able to handle the internet traffic. However, now most people have multiple Wi-Fi-dependent devices in their homes. And if you have a luxury smart home, you may have well over 100 devices or systems!

All of those devices are vying for your network’s attention. The more you add to your home, the more problems you could face if your home network is subpar. Problems include buffering movies, lagging video calls, dropped connections, poor Wi-Fi signals, and smart systems that are slow to respond. Total Home Technologies has been doing home network upgrades for many years. We know how to ensure you have a state-of-the-art system that is robust and scalable for the future!

Is it time for a home network upgrade? Call Total Home Technologies at (877) 550-5150, chat with us below, or visit our online contact page to request a consultation. We look forward to connecting your home to smarter living.


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