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Your Guide to Smart Home Security Systems

Don’t Overlook These Advances in Security Technology

Your Guide to Smart Home Security Systems

Are you a parent who wants to better protect your children and family from harm? Or someone who travels frequently and wants to keep tabs on your home when you’re away? Even if you are neither of the above and just want to ensure your Monmouth County home is secure, you should invest in a home security system with up-to-date technology that is tailored to your needs. Today’s top home security features are more sophisticated than ever, yet easy to use.

This blog will walk you through what you can incorporate into your New Jersey home’s home security system.

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One of the best advantages of a smart home security system is having remote access. Let’s say you’re in your backyard and someone’s at your door. You’ll be able to get an alert on your phone and also see who’s at your door through your phone. Two-way communication would also allow the person at your door to speak to you through your phone or other smart device, and vice versa. This same scenario can happen if you’re at your office, a friend’s house, or halfway around the globe — you can always be connected to your security system.


Surveillance technology has come a long way, and you no longer have to think of surveillance footage as grainy and low-quality. There are now high-definition surveillance cameras that you can place all around your home and in your interior areas, too. Some camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, and nanny cams. These cameras allow you to monitor activities in real time and access footage that’s documented on a digital recorder. If you believe anything suspicious happened at your home, you can play back footage at your convenience.


High-quality security cameras also allow you to access live video streams of door entrances, your garage, interior areas — anywhere you want in your home. If you’re in the kitchen cooking a time-consuming dish and want to keep an eye on your kids playing in the pool, you can pull up a live stream on your phone or computer. If you’re not home and have a nanny or babysitter over, and want to make sure your kids are well taken care of, you can install indoor security cameras and access a live video stream.


It may seem like it’s a lot to manage a home security system and stay on top of various cameras and live streams. As we mentioned earlier, you can connect your security system to your smartphone or other smart device; that is one of the perks of smart home automation. It’s just one of the subsystems you can control through your smart home system — you can also access your lighting, entertainment, climate, window treatments, and more from the smart device of your choice.

We hope you feel inspired to start designing or improving your home security system. At Total Home Technologies, our mission is to simplify and enhance our customers’ lives at home. You can count on our security expertise — give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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