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Your Home System: Control vs. Automation

What Can a Professionally-Installed Smart System Do for You?

Your Home System: Control vs. Automation

There’s no doubt about it – a smart home automation system will completely change the way you interact with your Monmouth County, NJ home. There aren’t many better and all-in-one ways to add convenience, comfort, and luxury to your home this winter.

But as you learn more about what your smart home can do for you, you might also hear the phrases “smart home control” and “smart home automation”. But what do these terms mean exactly, and what do you need to know as a homeowner to make the best choices for you and your family?

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the unique features and solutions that you experience when you begin your professional smart home installation. Keep on reading below to find out more!


Smart Home Control

Let’s face it, we all want control. Control of our lights, window treatments, audio/video equipment, pool/spa temperature - you get the picture. Here’s the secret: you already have it. Light switches, multiple remotes, thermostats - they’re all ways to control your home. By adding most “smart” technology and utilizing an app to operate them, you’ve really just added more control. If fact, you’ve just given yourself another remote, your phone. From our point of view, the ability to turn on your kitchen lights from your phone is not a big win. There’s a switch for that.

Though there are benefits to adding control, this approach falls very short of automation.

True Home Automation

Automation, when designed and deployed correctly, allows all of the systems in your home to work together. Your home should be easier to operate and, although you can, you shouldn’t have to look at your phone to do so.

For instance, a normal kitchen has between 6 and 12 lighting loads. These could be overhead high hats, pendants over an island, table lighting, over/under-cabinet etc. There should be one “switch” that operates all of them based on the time of day. Touch it a 6pm and all the lights go on. Somebody’s probably cooking. Touch it at 1:30am, maybe just the under-cabinet lighting comes on as you’re probably sneaking ice cream. Yeah, we do it too.

When you unlock your front door using your code, maybe your master bedroom closet light comes on, your music in the bedroom turns on and your TV turns on Sports Center with no volume. When another family member uses their code, different things happen. Both of these examples illustrate how a truly automated house “behaves”. More, or different, functionality with less input from you.

An Integrated Lifestyle

How these systems are designed and operate is personal for every customer. It requires a healthy dialog between you and your integrator. Obviously, this is where showrooms come into play. If your integrator does not have a showroom to demonstrate the may options, you may want to look for someone who does. It’s the single best way to understand the capabilities of these complex and highly personal technologies. As a note, we have three showrooms.

Want to learn more about a home automation system for your property? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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