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3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Boardroom A/V Setup

Dodging these pitfalls will help you make the best use of powerful technology tools for your business

3 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Boardroom A/V Setup

Even if your business doesn’t create audio or video content, you undoubtedly use audio or video as part of your daily routine. If nothing else, your boardroom needs an up-to-date A/V setup so you can present information to employees, prospective clients or otherwise in an efficient, appealing manner.

But is your boardroom set up to meet all your company’s needs? If it’s been a while since you last looked at the equipment in your boardroom, you may be due for an upgrade. And even if you have recently updated, you may not have everything you need to get the most from your boardroom. Here are three things to avoid when setting up commercial audio and video in your Monmouth County, NJ, business.

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There’s nothing more annoying than unwanted noise when you’re trying to get work done; it disrupts your concentration as well as that of everyone around you. And yet no office can function completely silently, you need occasional in-person conversation or group meeting to work out crucial details or tasks.

What’s the solution to ambient background noise? Proper soundproofing. With the right materials embedded or placed around your building and in frequently used areas like your boardroom, you and your workforce can speak at a reasonable volume while blocking out distracting chatter. You’ll end up with more productive employees, and you maintain your privacy for client meetings.


It’s much simpler to get business done with your systems are communicating with each other and working together. This is particularly true when it comes to your boardroom, as fussing with individual systems will lead to lost productivity because you’re trying to get your devices to work instead of getting real work done.

A better way is to integrate your A/V systems and other devices. A one-touch conference call system that connects to your audio and video feeds is much simpler to work with than a cobbled-together network of devices, making for more efficient meetings. Additionally, you can save time and energy by connecting your A/V gear to other systems like lighting control. This allows you to control everything in the room from one control device, giving you more flexibility and increasing efficiency.


From surveillance cameras to your HVAC system and the computers in your office, more devices than ever are linked to your business’ network. Every new device you add to the network creates additional strain, leading to wasted time and money as you work to resolve performance problems and glitches.

To ensure smooth performance from devices throughout your business, including your boardroom, look at your network infrastructure. Depending on how your network is set up, you can see substantial gains by switching to a more efficient configuration without even having to increase your network speed. Elements as simple as what cables you use and the placement of routers and switches can make a dramatic difference in network performance, but it takes expert knowledge to set up your system correctly.

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