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Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

Make Life Less Hectic & Enjoy More Time in Your Day

Easy Ways to Save Time with a Control4 Smart Home

We could all use more hours in the day. To see friends, pursue hobbies, or read that book we’ve been meaning to get around to—and the list goes on. 

When we consistently feel like our days are packed and busy, stress inevitably builds up. Managing a home, especially a large one, requires a lot of work. What if your house could proactively help you save time and manage itself? 

A Control4 smart home system is the tech-savvy solution many busy homeowners have been looking for. It can’t answer emails for you, but it can minimize small tasks throughout your day. And small tasks can certainly add up!

Control4 can’t be found at any-old store or ordered online; you need to work with a certified Control4 dealer to enjoy the benefits. By partnering with a professional like Total Home Technologies, we’ll design and install a smart home that’s customized to your needs. 

In this blog, we’ll share how C4 can alleviate stress and bring daily convenience to your Red Bank, NJ home. 

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Starting the Day 

So many things need to be done between waking up and stepping out the front door. With Control4, your motorized blinds can be programmed to raise automatically at your preferred wake-up time—and across the whole house! Select lights turn on to your preferred brightness levels, and even your coffee pot starts brewing automatically. Your HVAC system adjusts to a comfortable temperature, so you don’t have to dash about the house setting thermostats, turning on lights, and letting the sun in. Your home takes care of it for you! 

Leaving the House 

Whether you’re just stepping out for a few hours or an entire week, Control4 makes it easy to power everything off in one instant. Tap a button on your wall keypad or the Control4 app labeled ‘Away.’ In seconds, your blinds lower, lights turn off, and any media still playing stops. Smart locks lock immediately, including garage doors and gates. 

Plus, your AC turns off immediately in the summer, while in winter, the heat lowers. Even if you forget something, you can always remotely access your home’s systems right from your phone! 

Control4’s Convenient Interface 

Even Control4’s interface on the app and touchscreens makes home automation a swift experience. The home screen lets you check icons that update in real-time, letting you know if fans are on, doors are unlocked, or if specific rooms have lights on. You can also save favorites to the home screen, providing easy access to your most-used rooms, devices, and streaming services. 


Ready to make daily life a little more convenient? Connect with Total Home Technologies, New York and New Jersey’s premier Control4 dealer. We look forward to working with you! 

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