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Too Busy? Simplify Daily Life with a Home Automation System

How Morris County, NJ Homeowners Reduce Stress with Smart Technology

Too Busy? Simplify Daily Life with a Home Automation System

Do you frequently find yourself wondering, “Where did the day go?” Does your to-do list have no end, and does walking out the door take more effort than it should? With a busy lifestyle, keeping track of your belongings and home can fall to the wayside. But managing a hectic household gets a little easier with a home automation system.

How? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. We’ve met plenty of busy families and individuals in Morris County, NJ who have benefited from home automation; continue reading to see if you can, too!  

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Less to Remember

When you’re in a hurry, getting out the door can be stressful. Keys? Wallet? Lights off? Thermostat off? If you’re also rushing to dress, eat, and prepare your kids for school, these to-dos can easily be forgotten. Luckily, a smart home system like Control4 can tick off the boxes for you. Eliminate the need for keys with smart locks. With an easy-to-remember code for the pin pad, you’ll never accidentally lock yourself out. And by integrating your smart locks to your control system, you can check the status of your locks right from your Control4 app. If you left in a hurry and forgot to lock the door, no worries—you can secure doors and the garage in one tap on the screen.

While dashing off to work or to run errands, you won’t have to stop and remember the lights, thermostats, and shades. Set a schedule from your smart system to automatically turn off interior lights, lower automatic shades, and turn off the thermostat at the same time daily. Or as you get in your car or walk down the street, turn off the entire house’s system in just a few swipes. By your return at nighttime, the HVAC and lights can turn on automatically to the time you set. Running to each window or the thermostat may be small tasks, but on top of everything else, it piles up. Control4 takes these duties off your shoulders so you won’t have to give it a second thought.

Complete Tasks Faster

With some daily responsibilities now hands-free and automatic, your automation system will speed up other small, mundane actions. It’s simpler than ever to enjoy your whole home audio by turning on every speaker from one tap or voice command. You won’t have to walk from room to room turning each device on; in seconds, you can select the media you want to listen to, which rooms to play it in, and set the volume level.

Did you know you can also control your hot tub or spa from your smart system? Set the water temperature and bubbles right from your tablet while you get dressed or finish dinner. The jacuzzi will be ready for you by the time you step outside. In the same app, you can swiftly check surveillance camera footage from your security system. You won’t have to log on to a separate website or download anything; videos are ready for you in the same program as your locks, lights, and music.

Ready to bring home automation to your house, or curious to learn more? Give us a call at (877) 550-5150 or fill out our online form.

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