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Home Theaters Are More Than a Screen with Speakers

The Thoughts & Details That Go into a Home Theater Design

Home Theaters Are More Than a Screen with Speakers

Many people hang any old projector, connect a couple of speakers, and call the room a home theater. That may work for them, but much more goes into animmersive, high-end theater than that. The care and attention applied toluxury homecinemas create an experience that outshines a nighat aRegal or AMC. 

As a home theater installer based in New York, NY,we’ve worked on spaces large and small, modern and retro. When it comes to the best theaters, they all have the same thing in common: attention to detail.So, if you’re interested in building an entertainment haven, don’t miss these essential features of home theater design

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Finding the Right Locations for Surround Sound 

Each speaker in a surround sound system has its specificpurpose and corresponding location. The basic theater setup includes five speakers and one subwoofer. It’s called a 5.1 setup. You’ll need two channels for the front-left and front-right speakers on either side of the screen; one center channel speaker above or below the screen; and two channels for left and right speakers that are at ear-level beside the seats. The one subwoofer, which delivers booming bass notes, is best placed against a wall. 

High-quality speakers, like those manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins, are availablein home theater bundles. Or you can put together your own selection of their speakers, adding as many channels as you’d like. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are another option for a sleek, minimalistic theater aesthetic.  

Treating the Room for Acoustics 

If you’re investing in high-fidelity sound by Bowers & Wilkins or a similar brand, it’d be a shame to skip acoustic treatments. Any room with hard, flat surfaces will create distortion, and some sound frequencies may overpower others, drowning out the textured audio that surround sound is meant to provide.With acoustic materials on the floor, walls, and ceilings, you’ll balance the sound waves in the room. 

Choosing the Best Screen for Your Space 

Not all projector screens are alike. Screen Innovations, our preferred brand, creates both motorized and fixed screens in numerous materials and colors. The Black Diamond’s ink-black screen absorbs ambient light better than any other screen. If your theater room has windows, any glare from the sun or streetlights could wash out the video. A darker screen will increase color contrast or brightness even if there’s light in the room. 

Synching It All to One Controller 

A home theater isn’t fun to use if it takes you ten minutes to fiddle with remotes, buttons, and apps to turn on your technology and find the movie you want to watch. Wouldn’t it be easier if everything could be connected to one system

Well, with a smart home system, you can adjust the lights, lower the shades, turn on Netflix, and more from the same remote or app. With the whole theater controlled through one system, it will be easier for your entire family (and not just one person) to access. You can even create a “Home Theater” scene thatwill transform the room for movie timewith one press of a button. 

Working with a Professional 

If you’re ready to build the home theater of your dreams, trust the professionals to make it a reality. Total Home Technologies in New York is your destination for all home theater and AV installationsYou can contact us here or send a message to a member of our staff below. We look forward to assisting you! 

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