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4 Ways You’ll Actually Use Home Lighting Control

How Smart Lighting Comes in Handy & Sets the Perfect Mood

4 Ways You’ll Actually Use Home Lighting Control

Once you experience smart lighting, it’s tough to go back to the standard on/off switch with no customization options. Those who have not witnessed the beauty, convenience and thrill of smart lighting may wonder: Is it really necessary? A lot of things in our lives are not necessary per se, but they make life much more convenient.

 Looking back at the introduction of new technology, we often approach change in the same way. When text messaging was first introduced, many wondered, “Why do I need that? I can just call a friend.” When voice assistant technology arrived, many questioned its necessity. Now, more than 60 million Americans use smart speakers.

The same applies to home lighting control. Be one of the first to enhance your Manhattan, NY home with intuitive smart lights and reap the benefits. Below, we highlight when you’ll routinely use smart lighting so you can envision your life with it.

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Lights for Every Mood

Different activities and times of day call for specific atmospheres. Smart lighting allows you to adjust the color temperature of each smart LED bulb in your house and slide the brightness up or down right from your phone’s app. When it’s time for relaxing, you’ll find yourself saying, “Let me fix the lights” and adjusting the bulbs’ temperatures to the cozy glow of Edison bulbs. If earlier in the day you were helping your child with homework at the table, you may have switched the lights to a cooler, bright appearance to focus. Now that it’s time to unwind before bed, you can shift the mood in your room. You’ll never be stuck with lightbulbs that are too harsh or dim—the appearance is up to you!

Movie Night at Your Command

If you’re settling down to watch an old classic or new Netflix documentary, you’ll prepare your media room or home theater in seconds from your phone or voice command. Sure, you could turn all of the lights off from a switch. But sometimes you want to be able to see your friends and family to pass popcorn, mix drinks, or talk if what’s on screen is second priority. To reduce glare on the screen while the lights are on, you’ll need precise lighting settings. Your smart lights can turn on lower level lamps to a blue or magenta hue that will turn back to regular while when the movie is over. Lower your motorized shades during the day for a matinee—it will feel like a real cinema!

Time to Clean

Not many of us feel comfortable with our lights’ set to the brightest possible setting and temperature at its highest, around 7000K. But if you’re cleaning your house or having it professionally cleaned, you’ll want the lights to reveal every nook and cranny. Easily switch your home to the maximum brightness, and not a spot will be missed. Once you’re done, tap on your saved preferred setting.

Looks Like Someone’s Home

If you’re jetting out of JFK and will be away for work or leisure, a dark and empty house is a target for intruders.  You can avoid this issue with your Lutron lighting system. Schedule lights to routinely turn on and off, especially first level and entrance lights. You can toggle them right from the app, no matter how many hundreds or thousands of miles away you are. Paired with smart security, your Manhattan home will be off-limits from any break-ins.

Ready to bring home lighting control to your New York abode? Call Total Home Technologies at (646) 248-5550, chat with a member of our staff below, or submit an online form here!

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