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How to Get Internet in Every Corner of Your Home

The Network Installation You Deserve

How to Get Internet in Every Corner of Your Home

If only internet service providers focused on how well the internet worked in our homes, and not just connecting modems to their data center. If your house is like many others, there may be entire rooms, halls, or even floors that don’t receive any network connection. Is your basement a dead zone? Have you ever tried to stream music outdoors only for nothing to load? Do FaceTime calls fail to connect in your kitchen, but work fine on the porch? It may be time for an upgrade.     

For a smoothly running connection throughout your entire home, continue reading to discover what a professional network installation can do for your Essex County, NJ home.

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Combine Wired with Wireless

Your Wi-Fire wireless home router is the meeting place between your internet service provider (ISP)’s network and the network in your house. You may have a unit that combines both a modem and the wireless router in one box. Or perhaps you purchased a retail router (like Linksys, Netgear, etc.) that connects to your ISP’s modem.

Nonetheless, consider using a router that includes both Ethernet wired and Wi-Fi wireless home networking interfaces. Ethernet connection is suitable for devices that don’t move around, like video streaming devices, in-wall speakers, or security cameras. While wired connection limits the placement of technology to the location of the Ethernet jack, it will help to always have a backup connection and not to overload your Wi-Fi. 

Extend Its Range

Now that your internet is sturdier, how can we make it pass through thick walls? There are several techniques to extend your Wi-Fi across the house. A technology professional can install a Cat6 (Ethernet) cable through your walls to connect a second wireless router on the far end of your home. However, if you’re not willing to cut into your home’s walls, a powerline networking adapter enables you to ‘bridge’ the Ethernet network using your home electrical wiring.  A network professional can help you arrange your home so that the internet reaches every corner.

Put your days of living connection-less behind you and upgrade with a new network installation. Call Total Home Technology at (877) 550-5150 or fill out our online form here!

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