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Is Your Home Network Secure with Cisco?

How User-Level Management Is Critical with Every Network Installation

Is Your Home Network Secure with Cisco?

Your smart home runs on advanced technologies. Each one is seamlessly integrated into your home automation system – from your computers and smartphone to the smart lighting, home security system, and the main interface that controls them all. But who watches the watchmen!? Behind every smart home system is the home network. If your home network isn’t completely secure, then your entire system could suffer.

Total Home Technologies employs a user-level management system from Cisco that safeguards your home’s network from hacks, data theft, and any other network security threat. Keep reading to see why user-level management is the right solution for your network installation in Manhattan, NY.

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A Trusted Technology Partner

Any smart home integrator should be vetted. In addition to assessing their experience, client reviews, and project portfolio, it’s important for you to determine the system they use to manage your home network and smart home system. If it’s a device-level system, then look for another company! Total Home Technologies uses an advanced user-level management system from Cisco.

What does that mean? It means security for you. Let’s say a company uses a device-level system for its clients. That means every technician must keep track of the username and password for every client and system. Not only is it inconvenient and labor-intensive for a technician, but it is a huge security risk for you. If a disgruntled employee leaves that company, he or she would have access to all your information, and it would be incredibly difficult to change passwords for hundreds of clients.

However, because Total Home Technologies uses a more secure system (user-level management from Cisco), all we would need to do is remove the user (the technician) from our system. The process is immediate, comprehensive, and secure. Because the technician would not have had access to your login credentials, your account is completely protected from hacking or tampering.

Real-Life Examples

Recently, the Colonial Pipeline was cyber-attacked by professional hackers. It shut down hundreds of miles of pipeline, putting a halt on all operations. This resulted in millions of dollars of lost revenue, gas shortages, and infrastructure problems. How did the hackers do it? Cyber-experts believe they gained access to Colonial's computer system through the administrative side of the business. They were able to secure the correct credentials to shut down the entire system.

Then, even more recently, meat-processing factories throughout the United States were put on alert due to a cyber-attack on JBS, a meat processor. Once again, hackers were able to access systems as well as usernames and passwords in order to disrupt vital systems.

Your Network Is Safe with Us

Total Home Technologies puts safety first when it comes to protecting your home network from attacks. Our primary goal is to ensure the security, safety, and peace of mind of our clients. That’s why we choose Cisco, a trusted multi-national company that is a worldwide leader in networking for the internet. The robust and state-of-the-art system we use also allows us to offer 24/7 remote support of your network.

Do you want to learn about our security promise and home network installation service? Call us at (877) 550-5150, chat with us below, or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.  


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