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Here’s How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Further—and Outdoors Too!

Why Now’s the Time for a New Network Installation

Here’s How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Further—and Outdoors Too!

Social distancing means we’re all staying home more than ever. We’re no longer going to the office, school, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters, or stores, which means we have to make our own entertainment at home. Lots of the time, this means streaming music or movies over the internet. If you’re working remotely and your kids are learning from home, that’s one crowded network.

Perhaps your Wi-Fi has always been a little sub-par. Do certain rooms receive hardly any signal at all? Can you reach the internet outdoors? Now is the perfect time to upgrade your connection. Continue reading to see how a new network installation can help your Morris County, NJ, home during these uncertain times.

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Increase Speed & Connectivity

First, is your router up to date? Modern routers and access points use MU-MIMO technology, which stands for ‘multiple-user, multiple input multiple output’. This means that your wireless network can support many users at the same time, and several Wi-Fi devices may receive data streams simultaneously. Imagine your system is one waiter at a restaurant trying to attend to many customers at once. The router can only serve the first user’s requests while the rest wait. While waiting times may be tiny, it can certainly add up if you have smart home devices and multiple computers and phones connected. MU-MIMO adds more ‘waitstaff’ to help with the rush.

Another antidote to slow Wi-Fi is upgrading the firmware. Just like updates to your smartphone, a router upgrade improves performance and patches any security vulnerabilities. Placing your router in an open space in the middle of the house will elevate the performance, too. In some cases, two routers may be beneficial if you’re unable to attain a signal at two ends of the house.


Extend Your Wi-Fi Outdoors, Upstairs, Anywhere

Why not take the home office to the patio and work on your laptop under some sunshine? Or stream music and movies under the stars with outdoor AV? If your internet currently drops off outside or in some regions of the house, you’ll be cooped up to one spot. Wireless Access Points, when hard wired, can extend your Wi-Fi coverage to any area of the home and yard giving you the freedom to wander! Using a DIY wireless "extender" or "repeater" can actually slow system performance because you're adding yet another wireless device.

Improve Your New Jersey Home’s Network

If you’d like to augment the speed and coverage of your internet, Total Home Technologies is your destination for an upgrade. We are currently operating as an essential business and are taking all necessary safety precautions.

Now is the time to update your network more than ever, so call us at (877) 550-5150, fill out our contact form, or message a member of our team below.

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