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Make the Most of Natural & Artificial Light with Smart Lighting & Shading

Let Motorized Shades & Lighting Control Elevate Your Manhattan Home

Make the Most of Natural & Artificial Light with Smart Lighting & Shading

In any interior, lighting is arguably one of the most important elements. If you’ve been in a basement apartment, you know how moody and stuffy it can feel in a dark space. But in an open, well-lit room, suddenly you feel ready to seize the day.

New York homes are not known for their abundant space, even if you live in a sizable penthouse or brownstone. You need to make the most of your Manhattan home with a lighting design that enhances both natural and artificial light.

How? With smart lighting control by Control4 and motorized shades that are synched to one smart system. If you’re curious about lighting control in Manhattan, learn how it works and discover your options below.

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Natural Lighting Control

Sometimes, you want as much sunlight as possible to stream through your windows. Other times—like a humid New York summer day—you want to keep those harsh sunbeams out. Motorized shading makes it easier to control when your blinds are up. If your home has large windows or skylight windows, then you know how inconvenient it can be to raise and lower shades or drapes.

Motorized shades can sync with smart lights (more on that below) in your smart system to activate at one press of a button. Or you can schedule your blinds to lower at specific times of day, like while you’re at work and during bedtime.

A Control4 smart home system can operate all types of motorized window treatments – blinds, shades, rollers – in different opacities, fabrics, and materials. If you want to protect art or furniture from UV rays but still want to enjoy a beautiful day, their sheer rollers still let warm ambient light in. In the home theater, blackout shades block any distracting light so you can settle into the film.

Artificial Lighting Control

Just because it’s artificial, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the natural benefits of sunlight. Tunable lighting, sometimes referred to as circadian lighting, involves automating smart LED bulbs to follow the sun’s patterns. During the day, lights appear bright and cool, like a sunny blue-sky day. But by evening, your lights gradually dim to a warm, amber hue for cozy mood lighting.

Tunable lighting has proven benefits to help inspire energy during the day and rest at night. When we live under stagnant artificial lighting all day, our circadian rhythms are thrown off course, disrupting our sleep patterns. Lighting control systems from Control4 give you complete command over your lights’ brightness and color.

Beyond wellness benefits, you can better highlight art pieces, sculptures, and interior architecture with a smart lighting design. Maybe you want ambient lighting in golden and magenta tones for an atmospheric evening and bright task lighting for a day in the office. Whatever your lifestyle, Control4 lighting can adjust for every moment.

Customization Is Our Specialty

If you are designing a space and aesthetics are important to you, talk to Total Home Technologies. We are a custom integration specialist that can help you determine the best luxury products to improve the look at feel of all your system control devices (i.e., switches). Control4 has many options available that complement and even enhance the beauty of your rooms.

Interested in a lighting control system for your Manhattan home? Look no further than Total Home Technologies. We’re an independent, locally-owned smart home integrator with experience in lighting design. Contact us here to get started today!

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