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Merge Your Business’ Technologies with Control4’s Neeo Remote

Commercial Audio Video Just Got a Makeover

Merge Your Business’ Technologies with Control4’s Neeo Remote

Whether you run a restaurant, office space, gym, or store, there’s a more natural way to manage your business’ technology. Control4 recently unveiled the all-new Neeo remote, a sleek and refined controller that combines hard-press buttons with a touch screen. As a Control4 dealer in Ocean County, NJ, we’ll share Neeo’s features and how it can benefit your commercial audio video below. You may discover it’s just what your business needs!

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How Neeo Works

Whether your business is new to Control4 or has been using its system for years, you can control your lighting, audio, security, and more by the single Neeo remote. Inspired by Swiss design, Neeo’s weight, balance, and texture were meticulously considered for intuitive muscle memory, comfort, and aesthetics. We don’t typically see a combination of touch screens and buttons on modern technology, but Neeo’s hard buttons make it easier to quickly skip a song or select a TV channel while you’re occupied.  

With multiple staff members handling Neeo, you won’t have to worry about potential damage. The remote’s aluminum body and screen are manufactured to withstand heavy usage and drops from several feet high. Neeo will go to sleep while not in use, and instantly reawakens when needed. Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to five days, and its docking station doubles as a charger, giving it a home when not in use. Neeo is perfectly weighted to snap into place on the stand, so you can grab and go throughout a busy day at work.

Enhancing Your Business Technology

While Neeo may look like a standard TV remote, it can achieve so much more. You’ll connect your building’s lighting fixtures, speaker system, screens, thermostats, and security to the remote, and save custom scenes that merge multiple actions into one press of a button. Close your restaurant for the night in just one tap or select and sync a video for your lobby’s TV screens. Adjust every light in the store from the familiar lighting icon or choose a new station on Pandora. Users can also save favorite applications to the touch screen with recognizable icons, like ESPN or Netflix. 

Merge all of your remotes and systems into one with Control4 and the Neeo remote. To get started, call Total Home Technologies at (877) 550-5150 or submit our contact form here!