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Why You Need a Control4 Dealer for Home Automation

What Does a Control4 Dealer Do? Let Us Tell You!

Why You Need a Control4 Dealer for Home Automation

When you research “how to build a smart home” online, you’ll find many articles advertising gadgets like smart bulbs and video doorbells. These devices may be “smart,” but they rely on their own smartphone app for control. Is it really luxury living if you need to pull up a different app every time you want to dim the lights or lower the thermostat? 

In addition, there are DIY smart home hubs that promise to consolidate all your tech under one system. But these hubs often aren’t compatible with all your devices, only those designed to work with them.

There must be an easier, better way—and there is! A smart home provider like Control4 integrates with thousands of third-party devices, controlling them from a single system. Control4 seamlessly automates your home in a way that DIY solutions simply can’t

But Control4 can’t be ordered online, taken out of a box, and set up in a few hours. Its intelligent system requires sophisticated programming and installation. For the ultimate smart home experience, you’ll need to work with a certified Control4 dealer

What does a Control4 dealer do, and why are they necessary? As a C4 dealer based in Essex County, NJ, we’ll share what you can expect from a professional Control4 installation below. 

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Personalized Smart Home 

Would you like to press a button on the wall that instantly activates ‘mood lighting,’ lowers the shades, and plays a favorite playlist over in-wall speakers? Even your most specific, complicated smart home wishes can come true with Control4. 

Off-the-shelf DIY devices aren’t customized or scaled to your preferences and lifestyle. But a professionally installed Control4 system is tailored to perform just the way you need. Control4’s “When>>Then” features let you change and modify the system as you desire, too, fine-tuning features without help from a dealer. 

More Control & Automation Options 

With a Control4 system, you don’t have to be tethered to your phone screen just to use your house. You can also control the system from a tablet, wall control panel, voice assistant, or unique buttons on wall keypads. We can program buttons like “Morning” and “Night” to adjust many devices at once. Whatever you desire, a Control4 dealer can make it happen. 

You can also create automated scenes through Control4 that activate according to a schedule. For example, a “Good Morning” scene may start automatically at 8 a.m., so you don’t have to manually start it every day. Shades rise in every window, soft morning music plays, and your thermostat shifts to your preferred temperature all at once. 

Save Time & Avoid Technical Difficulties 

Do you really have time to wire, assemble, and connect a smart system across your house? A smart home integrator handles it for you. We’ll program all your devices and connect them to the same Control4 system, customizing the interface that you’ll interact with. Your smart home will work right the first time, and after installation, we’ll be there for any assistance you might need.

Find a Control4 Dealer in Essex County 

Are you interested in Control4 home automation? Total Home Technologies is a Control4 dealer with its own certified Control4 showroom. Contact us to learn more about bringing your smart home to life today! 

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