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Boost Home Safety with a Professionally Installed Home Security System

Don’t Buy Security Out of a Box—Every Home is Different!

Boost Home Safety with a Professionally Installed Home Security System

If you’re looking for a reliable home security solution, trust us when we say you won’t find it in a box. That’s because top-tier home security systems are installed by professional teams and customized for the unique needs of every home. In this blog, learn how partnering with Total Home Technologies for your Monmouth County, NJ, home security system is a wise choice for greater peace of mind.

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Why Professional Installation Matters

The security needs of your beautiful luxury home are not identical to every other home on the block—because no two homes or clients are the same. Our team at Total Home Technologies understands this, as we’ve experienced these specialized needs while securing hundreds of homes in the area. With each installation, we customize our process to ensure a home’s system is optimized for its unique layout. You won’t find such personalized options if you purchase a home security system from a box, which may result in unfortunate gaps in security coverage.

Key Components of an Effective Home Security System

As you consider your security system options, here are some ways our professional services stand above the rest:

Strategic Placement

First, the strategic placement of your cameras and motion sensors is critical to the effectiveness of your security system. We’ll help you consider the most vulnerable areas of your home, including entry points, driveways, garages, storage sheds, windows, and more. There may also be areas to monitor with indoor surveillance cameras. We’ll help you plan for the strategic positioning of cameras throughout the interior of your home as well, as these can be useful in monitoring children, pets, and valuables.

Camera Angles and Heights

Next, we’ll help you position the cameras at optimal angles and heights, ensuring the most coverage possible. Outside, cameras will be placed high on your home to prevent tampering and deliver a broad camera perspective. Inside cameras will be positioned carefully to obtain precise right angles, capturing necessary items without interfering with daily activities.


Should you have wired or wireless cameras throughout your home? Our team will assess your home and make a recommendation to ensure your cameras always have a strong connection for proper function.

Peace of Mind

At Total Home Technologies, we know how important it is to feel secure in your home. Our professional security services team will ensure that all home security system components, from cameras to remote access features, are set up correctly and customized to your Monmouth County, NJ, home. 

Contact us at Total Home Technologies to schedule a home security consultation. We’d love to give you a reliable home security system and greater peace of mind.

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