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3 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Security System

Lesser-Known Benefits of Home Security Technology

3 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Security System

We’ve written many blog posts about how home security systems keep families safe in Ocean County, NJ. From surveillance footage to access control, these solutions work in sync to protect your home from danger. 

But how else can you use these security technologies? When your house is equipped with sensors, cameras, and a central controller, you can do more than prevent and catch crime

Read on to discover three handy, lesser-known ways to leverage your home security system! 

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  1. Record Meaningful Memories 

Why not have some fun with your home’s surveillance cameras? Maybe you’re throwing a surprise party and want to catch your loved one’s bewilderment and laughter. Or perhaps you’re bringing home a puppy to surprise the kids. Use your security cameras to capture these moments and share the video file to rewatch and relive for years. 

  1. Catch Leaks & Prevent Water Damage 

When a pipe starts to leak, it’s only a matter of minutes before serious damage can occur, often costing hundreds or thousands to repair. But did you know you can integrate water sensors and smart valves into your smart system to catch and stop flooding? 

Once part of your smart system, smart valves can be remotely opened or closed, and you can program the valve to automatically shut when a leak is detected. If water sensors detect a leak, they can trigger the main water supply to shut off. So whether you’re home or far away, your house can stop leaks in their tracks! 

  1. Control Lighting, Shading & HVAC 

Yes, your home security system can also automate your home’s lighting and shading, both indoors and outdoors. On your phone or tablet, you can activate lights in groups or rooms, and even power off the entire house as you head out the door. We can install custom wall keypads with buttons like “Morning” and “Night” that adjust your lights and window shades accordingly. 

Similarly, you can use the same smart system to remotely control your home’s heating and AC and even incorporate sensors across the house that will communicate with thermostats. If you’ve left home and forgot to turn off the heat or AC, you can do it remotely—all through the same system you use for cameras, alarms, and more. 

Discover the Possibilities of Home Security & Automation 

Total Home Technologies installs smart systems that incorporate all your home’s devices in one. You can control everything from the video doorbell to lighting through one simple platform.  

Contact us here to learn more about our security and automation solutions in New Jersey and New York. We look forward to working with you! 

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