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Design Your Manhattan Home’s Lighting with a Smart System

Why Lighting & Shading Need Smart Control from the Start

Design Your Manhattan Home’s Lighting with a Smart System

How do Manhattan museums, upscale restaurants, and storefronts get their beautiful lighting? Many are designed to work with smart lighting control. With a smart system, users can fine-tune the brightness and color of each bulb, creating a completely unique atmosphere. 

And it’s not just businesses that utilize luxury lighting systems like Lutron. You can bring a stunning lighting design to your New York home, too! 

If you’re looking to renovate or upgrade your home’s lighting, we can’t stress enough the importance of starting with a smart system from the beginning of your design. By adding smart control later on, you’ll run into problems and design flaws that could have been avoided. Here’s why. 

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Plan for Centralized Control 

When we create a lighting design, we want to accentuate your home’s interior while also providing options to adjust the appearance anytime. By wiring your lights and motorized shades to a centralized smart system, we group lights into rooms and scenes that you’ll activate wirelessly. 

If you use DIY lighting solutions, you’ll be left with disjointed lights and shades that use separate remotes or apps. Many off-the-shelf products require you to plug LED light strips or shades into a wall outlet with unsightly cables. 

That’s not luxury living! Instead, we’ll integrate recessed lights, lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and window shades, so they all activate through the same smart system. 

Take Design Beyond On/Off Light Switches 

Smart control is only half the equation. The other is design. We’ll bring elegance to your home spaces by layering light, adjusting light beam angles, and playing with direct and indirect light. 

And who wants a wall of light switches that are confusing to maneuver? We can replace “wall acne” with stylish, sleek wall keypads that consolidate controls into “Morning” and “Night” to adjust brightness and color temperature. Want to control a single bulb? Select it on the Lutron app with a swipe of your finger. 

As the walls go up and before they’re finished over, we’ll plan where light fixtures, control panels, and keypads will go, resulting in a clean, minimalistic appearance. 

Change the Atmosphere Anytime 

Once the design and installation processes are complete, you’ll have total control over lighting and the mood it creates. From your phone app, remote, or wall keypad, you can make lights appear warmer and cozier at night, then bright and cool during the day. Hosting a party? Adjust the lights to nightlife lounge colors and set the mood. 

You can even control how sharp or wide a beam of light appears. Prefer a hands-off approach? Automated scenes will gradually fine-tune your lights throughout the day and turn them off when no one’s home. 


Are you ready to bring a stunning lighting design and smart control to your Manhattan, NY, home? Contact Total Home Technologies to learn more about our solutions and get started today. 

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