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The Difference a Lighting Design Makes in Your New York Home

Expand the Space and Enhance the Atmosphere

The Difference a Lighting Design Makes in Your New York Home

Do you ever pass by a restaurant, glance inside the windows, and think, “Oh, I want to go there?” You haven’t even checked the menu yet, but the lighting and atmosphere look so enticing, you’re ready to make a reservation. 

What creates an inviting ambiance like that? Ultimately, it’s the lighting design! Restaurants and stores across Manhattan hire professional lighting designers to cultivate a particular mood in their space. And the same can be done in your New York home! 

More New Yorkers than ever are partnering with lighting designers to enhance their home interiors. If you’re undergoing a renovation or are moving into a new home, learn how a lighting design will boost your mood and uplift your interior.

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Creating Layers of Light 

Most homes are lit in the cheapest, easiest way: with multi-bulb fixtures or ceiling fan lights in the middle of the room. But a single layer of lighting like a ceiling lamp can’t accommodate all of your daily activities. After all, reading calls for different lighting than a romantic dinner. 

The best atmospheres include multiple layers of lighting so that you can add or reduce brightness wherever necessary. At Total Home Technologies, we usually refer to three categories of lighting layers: ambient lighting, which brightens the entire space; accent lighting, which is decorative; and task lighting, which illuminates specific areas to see. With all three layers of lighting, we’ll create a customizable design you can adjust to suit different settings.

Smart Control & Customization 

Imagine pressing a button that instantly transforms your lights’ color and brightness. Want lounge lights in blue and magenta? Or cozy, warm lighting in the evening? 

We use smart lighting systems like Lutron that let you group LED bulbs into rooms and even control your entire home’s lights. Right from your smartphone app, you can slide your finger across the color wheel to customize the bulbs’ colors. Then save your favorite lighting scenes to relive them anytime. Plus, you aren’t limited to standard lightbulbs. We can incorporate LED strips for eye-catching accent lights under cabinets, staircases, and bookshelves. 

Bring in Natural Light 

Despite all the city lights, dark New York winters can still bring us down. But a lighting design ensures you enjoy more natural light indoors to boost your spirits. 

We sync motorized shades to your lighting control system, so they gracefully rise on their own in the morning. And we can program LED lights to follow circadian lighting patterns, mimicking the color and brightness of the sun throughout the day. In the mornings, the lights will be a bright, cool white. But by evening, lights will shift into an amber sunset hue. 


Are you ready to make your home shine in an all-new light? Total Home Technologies designs and installs smart lighting systems to accentuate your home’s interior and help you live a better life.

Contact us here to get started on your lighting design today! 

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