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‘Smart’ Home Theaters Are Easier to Enjoy Anytime

Approach Your Home Theater Design as a System, Not Separate Parts

‘Smart’ Home Theaters Are Easier to Enjoy Anytime

The reason some folks let dust collect in their home theaters isn’t that they don’t love the room. It’s that their home theater wasn’t designed as an easy-to-use system. When you’re in the mood for a movie, it can be a hassle to turn on the projector, figure out how to connect to cable or streaming, then adjust the volume, lights, and room temperature.

That can take a lot of preparation. And when you’re feeling lazy, you might rather turn on the living room TV or pull up Netflix on the laptop (the horror!).

But with a system-based home theater, you’ll activate the entire room with one tap of a button or voice command. Below, we explain why it’s important to focus on the system rather than the individual parts of your home theater design. Read on to learn more for your New York, NY home.

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Part-Based Design

A part-based home theater is not unified. The speakers are in their own system. So is the projector. The screen, lights, thermostat, and shades are all controlled by their own switch, remote, or app. If you have several remotes on your coffee table, then you know your home theater setup is part-based and not synched in one system. This kind of home theater can be tiring to deal with and confusing for your household to configure.

System-Based Design

A smart home system simplifies and speeds up your home theater routine. The hub controller is wired to connect to all of your home theater electronics, from the subwoofer to smart lights. From there, you can control and automate the entire room right from your phone, tablet, or wall panel. If you use a voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home, or, simply tell them “Movie Time,” and the lights will dim, shades will lower, the thermostat will set to a comfortable temperature, and the screen will turn on.

Systems like Control4 streamline selecting media, making it easier to find the movie or show you want. The icon-based interface lets you swipe between streaming services or media inputs like the DVD player. From the same screen, you can raise the volume then fine-tune LED lights’ color and brightness.

While it’s important to select high-quality speakers and screens for your theater, we would argue that the most essential aspect is the intelligent system controlling it all.

How to Get a ‘Smart’ Home Theater

To enjoy the home theater magic we’ve described, you need a professional smart home system to group all your technology under one umbrella. Plug-and-play ‘smart home’ devices don’t give you the universal control or customization that a Control4 system does. Control4 can’t be picked up at the store and installed later that day. But a smart home integrator can install a system for you, creating custom scenes like ‘Home Theater’ that create the perfect atmosphere instantly.


If you’re looking for a home technology integrator in New York or New Jersey, Total Home Technologies is your local expert. We design and install smart home systems and home theaters for all types of properties. Contact our team here to get started on your residence today!

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